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Summer is running out and, as you can imagine, for many that will mean thinking about going back to school very soon, whether in school or in the classrooms of universities in our country. Precisely in view of the start of the school year, we therefore thought it would be useful to remind you of the excellent promotion that Amazon is making available to students. eager to join the Amazon Prime service, and for which a substantial discount is available on the annual price!

Basically, we are talking about the possibility of joining “Amazon Prime Student”, that is to say a subscription formula to the most famous “Prime” service that Amazon has reserved for university and non-university students and which, at price of only 18 euros per year and with the first 90 days free, offers all the advantages of a classic Amazon Prime subscription. In short, the same advantages but at half the price!

Amazon Prime Student

Thanks to Principal student, therefore, students will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered by Amazon’s premium service, being able to test the service through a 90 day free trial, at the end of which it will be possible to continue subscription at a monthly cost of 18 euros, or cancel the test no additional cost. With Prime, you truly access a universe of services and content, in addition to the most well-known advantage offered by the subscription, namely that relating to fast shipping at no additional cost that Amazon offers on many products in the catalog. In addition, thanks to Prime and Principal student you will also have access to:

As you will understand, it is about a truly exceptional opportunity, especially in view of Prime Day 2021, since the offers of the expected days of Amazon offers will be available, as we know, only and only to Amazon Prime customers! In this sense, we suggest you enter on the fly, provided of course that you are a student and have never been an Amazon subscriber. To get started, all you need to do is visit the services page Or, click on the banner below to start your completely free trial period!

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Before letting you subscribe to your Prime Student membership, we remind you, once again, that if you are looking for other discounts, there is no better place than ours. four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you in real time all the best promotions related to Offers, Hardware and technology, Clothing and Sports and products Chinese. Good shopping!

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