SK hynix, here are the 24 Gbit DDR5 chips: 48 and 96 GB memories are coming

SK hynix he started For deliver the first samples of DDR5 memory chips with a density of 24 GB (3 GB per chip). This new conquest for the South Korean company comes 14 months after the announcement of the first DDR5 memories. The new 24Gbit DDR5 chips are made with production process 1a (an alpha) which uses type lithography SEENin the extreme ultraviolet.

sk hynix ddr5 24 gbit 15 12 2021

Until now, SK hynix had produced chips up to 16 Gbit with a one-year production process, already quite worthwhile, but the new solutions promise, in addition to greater storage capacity, also up to 33% more performance and 25% less consumption. With these memory chips, SK Hynix will create, and enable partners to do the same, memory modules with capacities of 48 and 96 GB to meet the needs of cloud data centers.

The new chips will shape the modules we’ll see in conjunction with future Intel and AMD platforms, based on Xeon “Sapphire Rapids” and EPYC Genoa microprocessors respectively. However, this development could also affect the world of the gods Traditional PCs in the future: the production of 24 Gbit chips could lead to the arrival on the market of 24/48 GB DDR5 modulespushing the capacity of future consumer platforms 128 to 192 GB.

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