Smart Digital Signage: Samsung and Alkemy join forces to support merchants

Samsung announced that it has signed a partnership with Alkemi with the aim of helping merchants increase their profitability by leveraging Smart digital display. By adopting these solutions, retailers will be able to attract more customers and extend their dwell times at outlets through targeted and personalized advertising based on individual customers and other conditions.

The partnership with Alkemy is in line with Samsung’s philosophy of innovation, a red thread that federates all solutions in the IT field, whether in the consumer or B2B field. We are delighted to be able to participate in promoting a new solution for retailers: Samsung has always been committed to providing the right technology for each situation, thus improving the user experience.“, commented Davide Cortehead of Samsung’s IT division.

samsung digital signage

What is smart digital signage and why it can help retail

For some time now, classic billboards have been replaced by digital signage, large screens showing advertisements in the form of films. They offer many benefits, from attracting more attention than a common billboard to being able to manage programming remotely, without having to send staff to update the advertising being shown.

Samsung and Alkemy have further evolved this concept to offer personalized advertisements on based on external conditions and customer information. As part of the agreement, Samsung will provide the hardware (displays) and software MagicInfo needed to manage advertising programming. Alkemy, on the other hand, will make available its data collection and analysis systems that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer personalized advertisements to users..

The AI ​​will decide which content to broadcast based on the preferences of the people in front of the screen but also taking into account other parameters, such as the availability of products at points of sale. The system is also capable of adopting dynamic pricing strategies which are updated based on the number of customers in the store. Customers will not be simple spectators but will be able to interact with their smartphones thanks to the QR Code or wireless communications based on contactless and Bluetooth protocols.

Infographic_Alkemy x Samsung

According to Alkemy and Samsung, the adoption of Smart digital signage is significantly more efficient than traditional, and compared to a billboard, a digital screen guarantees a 400% increase in views. And not only: as the two companies indicate, moving images have a 38% greater impact on the public, a value that increases by an additional 18% when the images presented have references in the specific context.

Digital transformation is an enabling tool for the valuation of the company but it is necessary to have the most suitable tools to increase profitability“, commented Duccio Vitali, CEO of Alkemy. “That’s why we are delighted to announce the partnership with a major player in the sector like Samsung. We are convinced that this collaboration represents an important growth opportunity for companies, which will be able to develop increasingly phygital shopping experiences, meeting the demand for digitization from customers. The combination of Alkemy’s Big Data skills with Samsung technologies represented the differentiating element for the design of a new increasingly digital and AI-oriented retail concept.“.