Sony will launch a full-frame camera into space inside a satellite | CES 2022

The launch of satellites in orbit is becoming an increasingly common activity thanks also to the versatility of this type of device (forimagery) and reducing the cost of operations. It is therefore not surprising that even companies a little removed from this environment want to experiment with this type of capacity. The last example comes from sony.

The Japanese manufacturer is not the first camera manufacturer to point in this direction. For example, Canon has already launched more than one satellite into orbit for theimagery terrestrial and created interactive sites to be able to see the images. For sony instead, it is the first time and a demonstration prototype was also exhibited during the CES 2022 which took place in Las Vegas earlier this year. The project is called starry sphere.

Sony Star Sphere: a satellite with a full-frame camera in space

The Japanese company has already created a website ad hoc where it is possible to get an idea of ​​what the real satellite will look like. Also in the site it is possible to see what its objectives will be. The technical characteristics from the project satellite starry sphere However, the definitive ones have not yet been revealed but there should be an announcement to this effect in the coming months.

Sony satellite ces 2022

What we currently know is that the company intends to use a sony camera with full frame sensor (precise model not yet announced). For the purpose, the choice fell on FE PZ 28-135mm F4 G OSS. This lens, presented in 2014, can count on a focal length of 28 to 135 mm with a constant aperture of f/4. Thanks to the optical scheme, it can also support APS-C cameras but also full frame so that it can be used in the mission.

The manufacturer has chosen theUniversity of Tokyo and the JAXA extension (Japanese space agency) to complete the device. sony however, it manufactured key components such as the operating system and the satellite itself as well as, of course, the camera-lens duo. Thanks to a connection with the Earth, this will be possible for certain selected users “player” with the satellite to take pictures at will from an altitude between 500km and 600 kilometers. The launch is expected between October And December 2022 but the carrier that will be used has not been indicated.

sony satellite

sony divided the development of the mission into two parts. The first is related to the construction of the satellite and ground management systems. For example, the satellite can be easily oriented to shoot with different planes. Users will also be able to change shooting settings (aperture, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed). With a window of about 10 minutes, you will also be able to see the image in “live view” but with latencies of a few seconds. The second part of the mission, meanwhile, aims to create artistic content, for documentaries or that can be inserted into museum exhibitions or public activities. Those who can take the shots can also use a simulator to try to set up the photograph in the most sympathetic way.

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