SpaceX successfully launched the Turksat 5B telecommunications satellite

On Saturday we wrote about the launch of a starlink mission which had the particularity of launching and landing the first stage of a Falcon 9 for the 11th time (a record). SpaceX he did not stop there and yesterday he also launched the mission with the Satellite For Telecommunications Turksat 5B.

This time the encore was not “register” although the possibility of reuse guaranteed by carriers such as Falcon 9 it’s definitely a plus for the company Elon Musk to be able to keep prices competitive (and still try to make a profit). The launch was successful and this will also allow future reuse of the first stage.

SpaceX and the launch of the Turksat 5B telecommunications satellite

The launch of this mission took place at 04:58 on Sunday December 19 (Italian time) from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Saturday’s mission was to the Pacific coast of the United States (from California).


Interesting to note how SpaceX managed to throw and recover two Falcon 9 rockets in less than 16 hours. This is an excellent result, particularly in terms of organization despite the fact that it is managed by teams located on both coasts of the USA. Considering the Eastern time zone, both missions took place on Saturday, December 18. This is the first time the company has managed to launch two rockets on the same day.

THE Satellite Turksat 5B it was launched into a GTO orbit (geostationary transfer orbit). Its construction was entrusted to Airbus Defense and Space in 2017 and uses electric motors to reach and maintain final orbit. This satellite provides over 55 Gbps of Ka-band transmission to Turkey, the Persian Gulf, Nigeria, the Middle East, and North and East Africa.

spacex falcon 9

As for the first floor with code B1067, the Falcon 9 had carried out the CRS-22 (ISS supply) and Crew-3 missions. With the conclusion of this mission, it has now reached three successful launches.

After just under nine minutes from the start, the first stage returned to the drone ship A lack of seriousness (ASOG) which was located in the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, as with the launch of the Starlink mission, also in this case the video transmission did not allow the landing phases to be followed correctly. You can still see the first floor on the barge moments later. This is the 30th mission of SpaceX for 2021 while another mission, CRS-24, directed to the ISS is expected on December 21.

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