Splinter Cell Remake: The Return of Sam Fisher! Here’s the trailer and what we know

ubisoft he announced Splinter Cell remakea total makeover of the first Splinter Cell (2002) taking advantage of the snowdrop engine, engine introduced by the French publisher with The Division and used in several other titles. Thanks to the best technical component, the game will be “made from scratch” and will present improved graphics and gameplayin which they will play an important role is played by the new dynamic shadows and lights.

We don’t think it’s necessary to explain what Splinter Cell is, but for those who have only recently entered the world of gaming, here’s a summary: it’s a third-party stealth action game. person in which you play as Sam Fisher, a secret agent engaged in “beautiful” actions to thwart extremely dangerous global threats. The game, in addition to being technically well done (chapter plus, chapter minus), conquered the Italians for the impeccable dubbing of the master Luca Ward.

Since we are talking about remakes and not a remaster, there will probably be some differences from past titles, but at the moment there is nothing official. “What we’re trying to do is ensure that the spirit of the first games remains intactin every aspect that gave Splinter Cell its identity,” said producer Matt West. “We will keep it linear like the original games, we won’t make it open world“.

The game is in the early stages of development, so much so that Ubisoft Toronto (Far Cry 6) is looking for new staff to get to work. We will know more in the months to come.

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