Square changes its name to Block: more and more focus on the blockchain

Square, Inc. announced today that it will change its name to Block. Indeed, the latter will be the name that will identify the company as a legal person, or as a generic business structure, while Square will remain to identify the financial services activities for which the company was born in 2009 when it was founded by Jack Dorseythe one who has just resigned from the post of Twitter CEO.

Square becomes Block following Dorsey’s resignation as Twitter CEO

Square has gone beyond simply offering financial services: this year, for example, it acquired a majority stake in the music streaming service Tide. also responsible for the popular digital payment app cash app.


“Moving to Block highlights business growth”the company said in a Press release. Since its inception in 2009, the company has added Cash Apps, TIDAL and TBD54566975 as businesses and the name change creates room for further growth. Block is a global ecosystem of many companies united by their goal of economic empowerment and serves many entities: individuals, artists, fans, developers, and vendors.”.

Block says there will be no changes to the corporate structure after the name change. However, the initiative square crypto of the company, strongly backed by Dorsey, one of the main proponents of cryptocurrencies at this point, will be renamed Spiral. The new block name is expected to go into effect around December 10. The symbol on the New York Stock Exchange, SQon the other hand, will not differ.

The announcement comes following Dorsey’s resignation as CEO of Twitter. Until today, in fact, Dorsey was simultaneously CEO of Twitter and Square, a company for which he will continue to hold the position. In addition, the new name of Square is announced a little more than a month after the change of name of Facebook In Half.

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