Squid Game: essential discount on the official shoes of the TV series!

Are you a fan of the Squid Game TV series? Eager to know if Netflix is ​​planning a new season? Then this is certainly the offer for you! We would like to point out, in fact, that they have just been reduced on Amazon the white shoes worn by the protagonists of the series, as well as all the other unfortunate participants in the macabre games featured in the television series.

We’re talking about a discount you can afford also save 25 euros on a single pair of shoes, obviously depending on the size, on which model would normally cost 70 euros, and which on Amazon is rather on sale from € 44.45!

But what kind of shoes are they? Of nothing but the famous “Slip On”, among the models that made the fortune of the Vans brand, famous for their low sole, their simple design and, above all, for the absolute absence of laces. They are indeed flexible and light canvas shoes, which do not require laces, and which are very easy to put on and take off.

In conclusion, a nice saving for a nice pair of shoes, especially since it is a famous model produced by a prestigious brand like Vans, not a product created for the sole purpose of speculating on merchandising. On the other hand, it should also be noted that precisely following the worldwide release of Squid Game, this specific model had an absurd sales boom, so much so that many of the more common sizes are now almost always sold out, and that is why Amazon’s proposal is even more captivating, as there is availability for most of the more common sizes, although we do not know how many pieces the store has in stock.

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That said, there is more to do takes you directly to the product page, reminding you that the discount applied by Amazon depends on the size and that, for this reason, it is impossible for us to indicate a single price, even if the base is the one already indicated at the opening. You can then choose the size directly from the page reported here, it is clear that some sizes may no longer be available upon arrival.

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Buy Squid Game Vans Shoes from € 44.45 now!

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