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A new day, a new streaming service: the Star + has just officially arrived in Brazil this Monday evening (30). The video platform derived from Disney + brings content for a less childish audience and has a catalog with series such as The Simpsons, this is us And modern family, plus 21st Century Fox movies and ESPN live sports. Find out prices, compatible devices and all the details.

Star Plus arrives in Brazil (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)
Star Plus arrives in Brazil (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

The Star + app is almost like Disney +

In the official press release, you may see that the Star + app is virtually identical to the Disney + app; those used to streaming Mickey Mouse will hardly have difficulty adapting to the new service. The login will also be shared between the two apps.

The main difference lies in the categorization: as does Star + too live sports, there is a separate part of ESPN that allows you to check which broadcasts are currently in progress. During the games it is possible to return to the schedule, useful for reviewing the decisive moves.

Star + subscribers will be able to watch high definition content (resolution up to 4K, subject to availability for each title) and audio Dolby Atmos 7.1. The plan allows for the creation of up to seven individual profiles, with the option of up to 25 downloads for offline consumption on up to 10 different devices.

Disney notes that it is possible to activate the Parental control, useful for managers to filter inappropriate content for children and teenagers. You can set a security PIN on each profile to prevent your sibling from eavesdropping on watching the headlines on your account and messing up the whole suggestion algorithm.

Star + app: compatible devices

Star + is available for the following platforms:

Guy platform
Smart TV and TV Box Amazon Fire TV
Android TV
Apple TV
mobile phones and tablets Amazon fire
iPhone and iPad
Console Sony PlayStation 4
Sony PlayStation 5
Microsoft Xbox One
Microsoft Xbox Series S
Microsoft Xbox Series S
Computer (via web) Chrome OS

It is possible to download the app for Android and iOS (iPhone or iPad) to the Google Play and go App Store, respectively.

Interestingly, the Roku OS hasn’t been officially listed to support Star +, even though this platform contains the official Disney + app.

Star + prices in Brazil

Star + is sold in Brazil in two ways: individual is in the combo with Disney +. The company offers monthly and yearly packages, and those who opt for a long-term subscription will pay proportionately less for the streaming service.

Check the prices:

Apartment Price
monthly star + BRL 32.90 per month
annual star + BRL 329.90 per year (equivalent to BRL 27.50 per month)
Combo + (Star + and Disney + monthly) BRL 45.90 per month
Combo + (Disney + yearly and Star + monthly) BRL 279.90 per year plus BRL 18 per month

These are the values ​​available for subscription through And

A confusion: Disney doesn’t sell an annual combo with Disney + and Star +; likewise, it is not worth signing up for the Disney + annual plan along with the Star + annual plan. Therefore, the cheapest option for those wishing to keep both services is to purchase the annual Disney + and monthly Star +. (So ​​it is.)

Those who signed up to the Disney + annual plan at launch with a promotional price will only pay the difference of R $ 18 per month. Payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Elo credit cards, as well as PayPal and Mercado Pago.

Discount for free market customers

In addition to direct sales, Star + will also be marketed by partners. Mercado Livre is one of them and e-commerce offers discounts based on the status of the Mercado Points loyalty program.

Depending on the customer’s category, the Disney + Star + combined subscription may also be free. Appearance:

Market points level Disney + and Star + combined price
Level 1 BRL 41.90 per month
Level 2 38.90 BRL per month
Level 3 33.50 BRL per month
Level 4 19.50 BRL per month
Level 5 BRL 13.90 per month
Level 6 Free

The score is based on free market purchases: every R $ 3 spent equals one point, meaning you need to spend R $ 13.5 thousand to get Disney + and Star + Combo for free. It is also possible to level up using the Mercado Pago digital wallet, through car rental bookings, prepaid mobile phone credits or single ticket top-ups.

What’s on Star +?

The Star + catalog is very diverse and includes movies, series and sports. Check out some of the main titles:

ESPN Sport

Star + is the new headquarters of ESPN and will broadcast live sports programs in the following ways:

Championships exhibited by Star + (Image: Disclosure / Disney)
Championships exhibited by Star + (Image: Disclosure / Disney)


  • CONMEBOL Liberators
  • Ligue 1 (French league)
  • La Liga (Spanish League)
  • UEFA Europa League
  • UEFA Conference League
  • Premiere League (English League)
  • Serie A (Italian league)
  • argentine championship

american championships

  • NFL (American football)
  • NBA (basketball)
  • MLB (baseball)
  • NHL (hockey)

Gym shoes

  • US Open
  • Australian Open
  • ATP
  • WTA


other leagues

  • WSL (surf)
  • MotoGP (motorcycling)
  • Bellator (fight)
  • Tour de France (cycling)


The devil wears Prada

The classic starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hatheway portrays the life of Andy, a recent graduate who wants to succeed in her career in fashion and is assistant to Miranda Priestly.

The Devil Wears Prada (Image: Press Release / Disney)
The devil wears Prada (Image: Disclosure / Disney)

With love Simone

Based on a book written by Becky Abertalli, With love Simone tells the story of Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), a young man who leads a normal life but hides his sexuality.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The feature film about the band Queen and singer Fred Mercury was nominated for five Oscars in 2019 and actor Rami Malek won the Best Actor award for playing the lead singer of the rock group.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Image: Disclosure / Disney)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Image: Disclosure / Disney)


The Kingsman action-adventure franchise is also in the Star + catalog. Starring Colin Firth, Taron Egerton and Samuel L. Jackson, Kingsman: Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle play a British spy agency struggling to save the world.

Dead Pool

The kid-friendly Marvel franchise is available on Star +. The superhero played by Ryan Reynolds has two films in the catalog.

Deadpool (Image: Disclosure / Disney)
Dead Pool (Image: Disclosure / Disney)


The Simpsons

One of the biggest assets of Star + is the complete collection of all 32 seasons of The Simpsons, already available on the first day of the streaming service’s launch.

The Simpsons have 32 seasons on Star + (Image: Press / Disney)
The Simpsons has 32 seasons on Star + (Image: Disclosure / Disney)

Love, Victor

The series, derived from the film With love Simone, has a season with 10 episodes and tells the story of a teenager who moves to a new city and faces the challenges of recognizing his own identity.


All 10 full seasons.

modern family

The 11-season American comedy portrays the daily life of a family that goes beyond the conventional.

original 1621002067 modern family s11 star 2 edited


Nominated for an International Emmy, the Brazilian production will bring an unprecedented third season, in addition to the first and second seasons in the catalog. The story portrays drug trafficker Evandro do Dendê (Raphael Logam) and police officer Victor Morello (Rui Ricardo Diaz) and faces the war of drug trafficking in Latin America.

Only murders in the building

Original Star + series, with simultaneous preview in Brazil and the United States. Created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, the comedy tackles an obsession with the genre real crime and starring singer Selena Gomez.

Murders only in the building (Image: Commercial / Disney)
Only murders in the building (Image: Disclosure / Disney)

The walking dead

Star + already arrives with the last season of the zombie series, as well as all 10 previous seasons.

big sky

The first season of the series starring Katheryn Winnick, Ryan Phillipe, Kylie Bunbury and Brian Geraghty tells the story of Cassie Dewell, a private investigator who works with a former police officer to search for two sisters who were kidnapped by a truck driver. The second season has already been confirmed, but there are no previews yet.

American horror story

The horror series created by Ryan Murphy will have all nine seasons already available at the launch of Star +. Season 10 opens this Tuesday (31st), with weekly episodes releasing every Friday.