Star Wars 1313 Unreleased Gameplay Video With Boba Fett Appears Online

Star Wars fans, and not only, remember well the presentation of star wars 1313action/adventure that LucasArts showcased at E3 2012, catching the attention of millions of gamers. Unfortunately, the project was canceled just over a year later following the acquisition of Lucasfilm by The Walt Disney Company.

While enthusiasts are still hoping for the project to be revived, it appears online a new video taken from Star Wars 1313. The video gives us a closer look at the gameplay of the game and, in particular, to an action sequence featuring the protagonist Boba Fett.

Boba Fett in action in never-before-seen gameplay video

From The Vault’s YouTube channel comes a gameplay video that depicts a pre-release version of Star Wars 1313, very different from the one we’ve seen during the first and only presentation from E3 in Los Angeles. In this video we see Boba Fett in action, involved in a thrilling chase among the buildings of Coruscant. Much of the demo shows us a rather crude and poorly finished build, with flat graphical design and polygonal models lacking detail.

Nevertheless, the very first section of the sequence introduces us a more technically advanced game: we can indeed admire a modern lighting system, realistic animations and a more or less complete sound sector. The last seconds of the film are occupied by a few gray box clips where developers do some tests on physics, collisions and the cover system that we could have used in the final game.

Recall that the defunct Star Wars 1313 was based on Unreal Engine 3 and would have offered a game formula very close to that of Uncharted, alternating thrilling shoots and spectacular scripted sequences. LucasArts’ idea was to offer an alternative to the usual Jedi Knight stories and therefore to focus on bounty hunters – like Boba Fett, to be precise – with the intention of creating a darker, more mature story.

In 2014, the “Star Wars 1313” brand was discontinued by Disney. He had thought of rekindling the hopes of the fans electronic arts, a publisher who wanted to take over the legacy of 1313 to create a new single-player title dedicated to the franchise. The project was entrusted to visceral games and I saw the direction of Amy Hennig, author of the aforementioned Uncharted, and the collaboration of EA Motive, the same team that is currently working on the remake of Dead Space. Sadly, as many will recall, Visceral Studios was shut down by EA in 2017.

star wars 1313

In any case, some of the ideas designed for Star Wars 1313 gameplay have since been redirected to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderthe famous third-person action game developed by Spawn Entertainment. As announced a few hours ago by Electronic Arts, Respawn itself is working on three new video games related to the iconic sci-fi franchise, including the long-awaited sequel to Fallen Order, a first-person shooter and even a strategy title.