Stellantis CEO Shocking Statements: “Electric Cars Are Forced On Us, Someone Will Fail”

A Carlos Tavares Decisive and frank, the one who launched a strong criticism of the institutions, with the intention of protecting his sector. According to the CEO of Stellantidewho spoke at a Reuters conference, the switch to electric substantially imposed car manufacturers, who are struggling to absorb this change.

According to Tavares, the main reason would be in the increased production costs, according to him, up to 50% compared to vehicles with combustion engines. A cost that cannot be paid by the end customer: “There is no way to pass 50% of the extra costs on to the end consumer as most of the middle class will not be able to pay“.


The electric and electrified range of Stellantis

The criticism of taxation is clearly aimed at Europe, which has set ever more restrictive emission limits, and at the countries which have already set sales ban for petrol and diesel cars. Stellantis also recently presented a plan (which we described to you here) with significant investments to support the transition to electric, putting on the plate 30 billion euros.

But the CEO is sure that there will be difficult times for the sector, with concrete financial risks: “Over the next five years, we will have to digest 10% productivity per year in an industry used to delivering productivity gains of 2-3%. The future will tell who can digest this and who will fail. We push the industry to its limits.“.