Surface Duo 2 would arrive with Snapdragon 888, 8 GB of RAM and Android 11

The month of August is drawing to a close and the events where big tech will show the world their new devices are getting closer and closer. And once again those of Redmond will organize an event in which they will show the world their new material, of which a new one will undoubtedly be. Duo of surfaces.

Today, with the globalization of the Internet, few companies manage to show up on presentation day without their products being completely screened. And while, luckily, Microsoft knows how to store its cards, we are slowly getting to know many details of some of the devices that will emerge in the event that would likely take place this month. October.

surface duo 2

Snapdragon 888 and 8 GB RAM for Surface Duo 2

Although it is still too early to be completely sure, the various leaks make us think that with the new equipment with Windows 11 In October we will also see a device from the Surface family with Android. A Surface Duo which according to the different renderings disclosed will make a big bet in the photographic section by introducing it into the device high quality sensors. Appearance much criticized in the current Surface Duo.

Now, thanks to a performance test carried out in Geekbench, we have been able to confirm new details of the Microsoft Surface Duo 2, such as the presence of a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and a memory RAM that will reach up to 8 GB. A material that will come from the hand of Android 11, a somewhat reprehensible aspect if we take into account that Android 12 will surely be official next September and that the current Surface Duo has not yet updated to Android 11. Hopefully with this new Surface Duo Microsoft will put the batteries on the issue of updates. What do you think of this news?