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The end of another week has come and the most discussed topic on Tecnoblog was the blocking of sexually explicit content on OnlyFans. In Techblog community, users have commented on issues involving the post office and tips on the iPhone 12. Check out these and other issues related to the period between 21 and 27 August.

Community TB 82
Community TB 82 (Image: Tecnoblog)

The best discussions from the 5 TB community

  1. Post offices claim they have no people at home, what to do?
  2. Improvement in the clear broadband plan
  3. iPhone 12, for the next 3 years, 64GB can handle it?
  4. Has anyone updated their broadband speed this year?
  5. Which MFPs do you recommend the most?

The experiences with the post office are not always the best in terms of deliveries, as was the case with Kimpegorini, who informed that the company claims that there are no people at home to receive the delivery. Our Community informed some ways to try to fix the problem.

Maiko asked if an iPhone 12 with 64GB of storage would be a good investment for the next three years. members of Community they provided their opinions and also helpful tips on how to best use the features of the device.

OldOS on an iPhone 12 Mini (image: Emerson Alecrim / Tecnoblog)
OldOS on an iPhone 12 Mini (image: Emerson Alecrim / Tecnoblog)

It’s been a while since someone last commented on printers on the forum. Douglas_Knevitz posted a thread asking staff for experience with multifunction printers and received responses on different models from different manufacturers. If you are thinking of buying a printer, take a look at the topic.

The 5 best discussions on Techblog topics

  1. OnlyFans will block sexually explicit content under pressure from banks
  2. The Chamber approves a project to regulate its solar energy production
  3. Star + price confirmation in Brazil and details combo with Disney +
  4. Xbox Series X and S get a price reduction after the tax break
  5. Globo.com announces the end of the e-mail service and the Internet service provider

Two topics usually grab people’s attention: nudity and money. For this reason, the most discussed problem would still be the blocking of OnlyFans to sexually explicit content under pressure from the banks. The platform that despite having received subscriptions from famous for exclusive content, is also known for its adult content.

What is Onlyfans / Diego Melo / Reproduction
OnlyFans (Image: Playback / OnlyFans)

In times of red flag in electricity, the Chamber of Deputies approved the project to regulate its own solar energy production. With this, there will be legal regulation for mini and micro generators, such as solar energy, and the gradual end of subsidies is expected.

After the resolution of the soap opera between Disney and Starz, the house of Mickey Mouse confirmed the price and subscription combos Star +. The service opens on August 31 and Tecnoblog will bring more content related to Star +. Stay tuned.

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