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In times of pandemics, there is a lot of talk about reliance on technology to deal with quarantine and daily news. In this case, the role of technology is seen as a relief valve. Find out what technologies are on the rise during the social isolation we are going through.

Quarantine provides innovation or simply knowledge of some tools that were previously omitted, causing behavioral changes to occur. Those that can be taken into consideration of these “novelties” are in terms of efficiency, learning, fun, purchases, skills and new forms of contact.

home office

Widely used during the pandemic period, the home office has become an ally in maintaining the productivity of businesses and businesses. Transfer for many contributors has become easier and more effective with the use of some essential tools and applications for this business.

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In line with the changes, many schools and universities are relying on distance learning in the form of live video lessons, quizzes and activities. Therefore, the use of chat rooms and platforms that allow joint video calling is extremely important right now. Some of the most used platforms are:

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Changing the consumption pattern of many who were previously insecure with their shopping style and e-commerce from delivery, grocery shopping to clothing items has increased. It can be taken into account that many large sites offer reduced or free shipping. Therefore, online shopping has mainly impacted companies that have made good strategies for this period.


Complementing the team of new technologies on the rise during social isolation, seeing the crisis as an opportunity, some initiatives are innovative and growing during the pandemic. Some examples of startups that improve during this period are:

Platforms and apps

Due to the transformations of digital consumption, the most popular platforms and applications of the moment are the ones that allow the most distractions and contacts with the outside world. The list has:

  • Instagram;
  • Youtube;
  • Tic knock;
  • Pinterest;
  • Facebook.

new habits

THE Squid launched the trend report “O Novo Normal: 10 transformations in digital consumption generated by social distancing”, in a survey of over 3500 people. With regard to new habits and digital consumption, some information from the study presented is interesting, such as:

  • Over 90% replied that they had increased cell phone usage during the quarantine. Next is the TV and the computer, respectively;
  • The most common activities are: “spending more time on social networks”, “using more video streaming services” and “spending more time on messaging services”;
  • Other activities include looking at lives, searching for news about Brazil and the world, and interacting digitally with friends and family.

We understand it

Social isolation enhances our dependence on technology and, in this regard, adaptation to new forms of work, entertainment, shopping must be dynamic. In this sense, the transformations concern both companies, businesses and consumers, as well as the various daily activities.

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