Telefónica offers 2005 local calls to users who subscribe to ADSL

Telefónica de España will offer all metropolitan calls made in 2005 to users who rental before February 14 a package for Internet access with ADSL, according to the operator in a press release today. Perhaps it would be profitable to unsubscribe and subscribe and thus give us metro calls throughout the year. They had to take this step with all of their customers because we are currently paying for the calls and those of us who have been with us the longest do not have any privileges.

We also inform that Telefónica performs testing in different parts of the Spanish geography doubling the ADSL up to 1 mega.

This new product is also free for registration and includes a free USB modem or the purchase of the modem router for 19.90 euros (VAT not included). They are currently shipping models: Zyxel Prestige 660HW and Xavi x7768r Wireless

If a basic telephone line were taken out with this offer, the modem router would also be obtained free of charge.

This promotion, which can be subscribed to in all of Telefónica’s commercial channels, is an attempt to thwart the successful products launched in recent months by its main competitors, which combine ADSL service and free national calling plans.

For telephone customers, there is an offer that costs 3 euros per month to contract 5 hours of metropolitan calls between every day from 6 p.m. and on weekends 24 hours a day. It’s a comparative grievance that users who have spent years paying for calls and new customers don’t

Trials in the Valles region:

A user from the bandaancha forums comments on the following:

“Telefonica is already doubling the lines from 512 / 128KB to 1MB / 320KB in these areas. I don’t know the exact time, but they already do this in January, today I noticed several customers in this area. who already benefit from all new adsl 1 Mb / 320 Kb. “

With the first duplication, the company also did a lot of testing, especially in Catalonia, where one of our moderators was at 512 kbps throughout June, 4 months before the duplication started.