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The world of messaging apps is full of great programs like Line, Messenger, Skype, Duo or Hangouts, that allow us to communicate with our friends and family wherever they are, however, so far the undisputed star of this firmament is WhatsApp, which has gained a good reputation and an impressive user base over the few years that it has been in the market, mainly due to the fact that it is a good service that offers a plethora of options like video calls and more.

For these reasons WhatsApp enjoys a privileged position in the market, but it can always happen that they are born and develop alternatives and applications of the same type of WhatsApp, but most of the time they are halfway there, even those started by big companies. It has to do mainly with the customs of the users, who, once they are used to a service or software, it is difficult for them to change their mind, although not impossible.

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Telegram vs. WhatsApp

Telegram is one of those messaging apps that can change the minds of WhatsApp users. and make them change their habits when chatting with their contacts, and despite a stark difference in the number of active users between the two messaging apps, the average user is not interested in this, which is what interests them is that his contacts use the same service to be able to communicate directly with them, what Telegram is doing at a rapid pace.

Yes OK Telegram and WhatsApp are in many ways very similar messaging apps, There are certain differences that can reverse user preferences towards one or the other application. In this article we will see what it is differences and advantages and disadvantages offered by WhatsApp and Telegram, so that we can decide which of these two messaging apps is best for us.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Telegram

The first one Difference of Telegram compared to WhatsApp, and clearly a downside is that Telegram does not have the ability to make video calls, a feature offered by WhatsApp.

On the contrary, Telegram allows the sending of files of all kinds up to 1.5 GB, sufficient quantity for any scenario, even commercial. Also as an advantage we can point out that Telegram allows us to use stickers, animated GIFs, video clips and graphic content from robots, something that many users will appreciate because as we know a sticker or emoji can say a lot of things without having to write them down.

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In this same sense, we can use our own graphic elements, that is, use animated GIFs and others that we have stored on the PC or the phone.

another against Telegram is that it only allows us to send our contacts the location of specific places, when WhatsApp can send our location in real time everywhere. Another downside of Telegram is its low possibility of customization, something it also shares with WhatsApp.

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But rather, an advantage of Telegram is that we can better manage all aspects of privacy, in other words, who can see us and who cannot. For that, it includes a very useful list of excluded and included. Another point in favor of Telegram In terms of security and privacy, this allows us to protect access to our conversations with a code, a really useful feature if we are in an area where there are no trusted people.

Another point where Telegram is better than WhatsApp lies in the fact that it is a cross-platform messaging app, which means we can use Telegram on multiple devices with different operating systems.

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However, The most important advantage of Telegram is that in order to use the service we do not need to have a phone number.Just with a username we can chat with our contacts.

If you want, you can download Telegram to compare it with WhatsApp for free clicking on this link.

Advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp

The first against WhatsApp that we find as soon as we want to use the service is that we will definitely need a valid phone number, which prevents us from using WhatsApp on other devices that do not have a phone, like most tablets.

Yes OK WhatsApp can also be used on other mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry and others, when we want to use it on a device other than a phone, the problem becomes more complicated, and although there are also unofficial fixes and even a desktop version of WhatsApp, To be able to use it, yes or yes, you must also have a phone number and a connected cell phone.

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However, if we can live without have WhatsApp installed on all our devices, this amazing messaging app has a lot to offer us, such as video calls, a feature that is not present in Telegram.

Also, like Telegram, WhatsApp offers the ability to send emojis, animated GIFs, music, contacts, locations in real time, and while it cannot send stickers, the truth is that not everyone uses them. That is WhatsApp personalization This is a point where it shines.

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Other important point in favor of WhatsApp is security, aspect that its developers take very seriously. In this sense, communications travel with point-to-point encryption, which means that messages are encoded at the point of departure and decoded at the point of arrival, which makes it impossible to intercept them along the way.

Regarding confidentiality, WhatsApp uses a phone number to identify us, which in itself is already a problem, since in order to start a conversation or chat with another person, we have to provide one of our most precious secrets, precisely our phone number.

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A cons WhatsApp, for all users who tend to share files is the limited type of files we can send through the app including TXT, DOC, JPG and a few others. remember that Telegram is able to send all kinds of files without restrictions of any kind.

If you want to compare WhatsApp with Telegram, you can download it for free clicking on this link.

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Is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

The answer to this question is really difficult to give, since the two messaging applications are really very homogeneous in terms of functionality and options, and although they may have differences between them, the truth is that Telegram and WhatsApp perfectly fulfill the task for which they were developed, it is not for nothing that the benchmark applications in this field.

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The definitive answer to if WhatsApp is better than Telegram The user himself will have it when he finds out what each application can do, again depending on the use that will be given to it.