Tesla Cybertruck, new close-up photos show the changes: mirrors, wipers and out of the handles

You’re here recently announced that the arrival on the market of Cybertrucksthe long awaited electric pickuphas been postponed again, almost certainly to 2023. Development continues, and in recent days new photos have appeared on the net, published on the Cyber ​​Truck Owners Club Forum

The photos most likely come from Tesla personnel involved in the development of the prototype and reveal changes that had previously been noticed through drone footage, but which for obvious reasons had limited resolution. The new photos, without being exceptional in terms of quality, allow for a more detailed analysis.

Tesla Cybertruck

Let’s discover a new detail, almost invisible in aerial shots, namely I new rims, very different from those of the prototype, and more similar to the models normally on the market. The tires also have a more classic design, but at the same time retain a particular design of the shoulder, which could suggest the presence of aero coversas is the case for model 3 and model Y.

With respect to the concept, the side mirrorsbut Tesla says it is ready to quickly and efficiently replace them with video cameraswhere permitted by law. News also for the huge windshield, which becomes slightly curved, and also wins single wiper. You can clearly see the joint at the base, whose movement, at least for now, is classic, possibly with the final part able to lengthen to cover a larger area also on the passenger side. No trace of magnetic rails or anti-fall laser beams.

Tesla Cybertruck

Finally, an intention already declared is confirmed, namely that of remove exterior handles, making the steel panels completely flat and seamless. The doors will open like the Model X, with a electro-actuated mechanism which reacts to the proximity of the owner. The general design, on the other hand, appears unchanged, and for the moment all the sharp edges and lines remain, sometimes criticized for the dangerousness in the event of collisions with pedestrians or cyclists.