Tesla Gigafactory Texas, Model Y production has started, and there is also the structural battery

As usual, when calling last quarter’s financial data, You’re here he provided a lot more information about his products and the status of the different plants. Today we have already told you about the turnover and observation of the new electric semi-trailers, but the most awaited news concerns the new Austin plantTexas.

As had been rumored for the past few weeks, Tesla actually confirmed that production has started on the new siteand that the old Y-model they have already rolled off the assembly line. No client has received them because the final permits have not yet arrived.

Tesla Gigafactory Texas

Along with Tesla’s quarterly documentation, it also posted several photos from inside the new factory, with workers hard at work. The house hopes to be able to deliver the first cars produced in Austin end of Marchand whoever receives it will actually be a lucky customer.

In fact we see on the pictures that in Texas Tesla is already using the new construction method much advertised, with the battery no longer being an external body, but acting as a structural element. This is understood by the assembly of the seats directly bolted to the floor which contains the lithium batteries, before the construction of the body, a typical feature of this solution. The former Californian company, however, did not specify whether there will already be something highly anticipated in this structuring element. 4680 batteries.

Tesla Gigafactory Texas

He may have given an indirect indication that normal 2170 cells will initially be used in the other new Berlin factory, but the volumes of 4680 available so far would be really low, so it’s too early to draw conclusions .