Tesla is about to launch a Model Y Super Long Range? Probably not, here’s why

Tesla Model Y finally also arrived in Europe, and since a few hours the first deliveries to customers who had pre-ordered it at the beginning of August have also started. As the lucky ones who will receive their cars in a few days know well, the cars intended for the Old Continent, for the moment, are produced in the Chinese factory of Shanghai, from where in recent days another indiscretion has made its way, reported by many press organs.

Ready to launch a Y model with a range of 640 km

The rumor originated from a specialist Australian site, the conduit, who first reported, translated, the Chinese homologation documents for different variations of the Model Y. The different interpretations arose from this first publication, which led to the market rumor about a possible Model Y “Super long range”, under the autonomy of ben 640 km. This would indeed be a good leap forward, given that the model on sale in Europe is given for “only” 507 km.

But the detail that may have been underestimated concerns the type of probate with which this data is reported. The homologation cycle is still used in China NEDC, long ago also used in Europe, but later replaced by the WLTP. This is because while reporting repeatable data, the NEDC is too far removed from what could be actual driving and tends to overestimate a vehicle’s range.

To give an example, the Model Y standard range Chinese, still according to the documents published by The Driven, given for 525 km of autonomy, with batteries qualified as “Lithium iron phosphate battery”, the LFPs that we know well are supplied to Chinese Tesla SR cars.

Model Y

But by going to the Tesla site, on the page dedicated to Hong Kong customers, the same car reports a range, in this case in WLTP, of 455 km.

The car imported to Italy, as we explained to you, is almost certainly equipped with LG batteries of the older generation, from 75 kWh, for 507 km, while the new model Y, still looking at the Hong Kong site, have a WLTP approval of 542 km, coincidentally about 100km less compared to the Chinese figure that sparked the rumors. The same difference is noted for the SR version between the two approvals.

Model Y

So it is very likely that the new Chinese model Y Long Range is simply a model that uses the new batch of NCMA cells manufactured by LG, with improved energy density, on par with 82 kWh, which Panasonic is already able to supply in the United States.

Connecting the dots, therefore, it seems plausible that there will be no Super Long Range Y model, but that the new model is none other than the one with the new 82 kWh battery, and that the data published by de many media are overrated NEDC. value and misinterpreted.