Tesla Semi, pre-production has started at Gigafactory Nevada. Could they be the Pepsi specimens?

THE Tesla Seeds one of the company’s new vehicles Elon Musk waiting to enter mass production. In the many months since the presentation, which took place in 2017, Tesla has produced a few prototypes, while mass production has been postponed several times.

About a month ago for, Ramon Laguarta, CEO of PepsiCosaid his company expects the first deliveries of the electric truck by 2021. Today we learn that, in a section of the Gigafactory NevadaTesla has launched a pre-production of the Semi, before the final headquarters in Texas becomes fully operational.

A Tesla fan even managed to film one of the new specimens with a drone, in test phase in the streets surrounding the establishments. This new production could well be the one dedicated to Pepsi, and at the same time it would serve to test systems and procedures, as well as to test the new Megachargersthe advanced version of Tesla Superchargers, dedicated to trucks and therefore very high power.

Recently Elon Musk had said that production of the Semi would not start before 2023, but the logistical bottleneck, that caused by the new 4680 batteriescould be resolved within the next year, slightly anticipating the timetable.