Tesla Supercharger, the network is developing in Italy: Grandate and Cuneo stations are open. Ambitious plans also for 2022

It seems that You’re here relies on the accelerator of its charging network facilities Superchargers, and the results are also in our country. Two new stations have been activated in recent days, both in northern Italy.

The first is that of grandfather, in the parking lot of the local business park. This is a fairly typical Supercharger, with 8 bays in an open parking lot, from Typology V3therefore capable of reaching the power of 250 kW.

Tesla Superchargers

The SuC of is also open Corner, at the Bigstore via Guido Martino 8. In this case, it is a real novelty for Tesla in our country. In fact, we find a location with only two spaces, in this case V2 up to 150 kW, located in a covered car park. It would seem a kind of experiment to test the possibility of creating even smaller workstations with less power, but which can provide valid alternatives. An access code also appears on the cars navigator, so it is possible that at night there is a bar or a door to be opened independently.

Tesla Superchargers

Tesla charging stations in Italy are therefore go up to 400, a number that is expected to increase again very soon. Looking at the map above, it can be seen that there are several more locations already planned, some of which are expected to go live in early 2022.

Indeed, the activations of the Superchargers of the Superchargers are planned in the first quarter Bergamo, Udine, Perugia and Palermo. These openings should be followed by several others throughout 2022, even if the Adriatic route still seems a little penalized.