Tesla: the unannounced Cyberquad for children is coming

Tesla Cyberquad it should be the first electric vehicle for urban mobility of the company of Elon Musk. However, traces of this project, already pushed back several times by Tesla, seem to have been lost. In the meantime, however, get there version for childrenappeared on the company’s website without notice to a price of $1,900.

Cyberquad for Kids: here it is on the Tesla website

In shapes it is reminiscent of the Cyberquad, with an almost intimidating front and square shapes all over the body. The vehicle features an all steel frame, padded seat and adjustable suspension with rear disc brakes. All-electric mountain bike for kids up to 24 kilometers and press a maximum speed of 16 km per hour. The company claims it is suitable for children aged eight and over.

Cyberquad for children

The dimensions of the package which is delivered to the home of the purchasers are 120 x 66 x 68 cm, for a weight of approximately 55 Kg. Overall, the vehicle can support a maximum weight of 68 Kg, while there are three modes of displacement, to be activated according to the type of driver. The speed can, in fact, be limited to 8 km/h, the same speed at which the vehicle can reverse. A fully discharged battery can take up to 5 hours to fully charge.

Cyberquad for children

This is not the first time that Tesla has anticipated its plans with toy versions or devices that somehow trace their characteristics. A few days ago, Elon Musk announced a whistle called cyberwhistle, clearly inspired by the Cybertruck. In the past, it was the turn of the Cybertruck in a radio-controlled car version.

Cyberquad for children

The children’s mountain bike comes right next to it Christmas vacation. Not by chance, of course, because it can be a decidedly original Christmas present, even if it is written on the Tesla site that “Holiday delivery not guaranteed” (and in any case, shipments are currently limited to the United States only). Normally, promotional initiatives of this type from Tesla are highly sought after by fans and the products are sold out within hours. The Cyberquad for children can be booked at this address.

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