Tesla unveils new electric tractor-trailers charging in the first Megacharger. Start production?

The Tesla Seedselectric heavy duty truck, is one of the company’s long-promised vehicles of Elon Musk, but still not hit the market, due to several delays. Recently, however, statements by the CEO of Pepsi they had led to believe that the first copies would soon arrive in the hands of customers, and the installation of a Tesla super charging station, directly on a Pepsi property, had confirmed this hypothesis.

In the myriad of information released yesterday during the fourth quarter financial data call, Tesla also showed a new image that represents four seedsapparently new production, stationed at Megachargers built right next to the Nevada plant.

Tesla Seeds

Here, Tesla has set up a temporary division to produce the electric truck in small volumes, and it’s said that specimens will come out for the customer in the food and beverage world. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any new details, beyond the photo, not even Musk’s own clarifications.

However, if two indices make a test, this being already the third, it now seems certain that the delivery is imminent. At headquarters FritoLay (where the first Megacharger client was installed) are expecting 15 trucks, but that could be a gradual process. We’ll keep you posted should more details emerge on the American night.