Tesla’s surge in quarterly revenue and margin translates into record profits

Late Italian evening yesterday You’re here revealed the financial data of thelast quarter of 2021, for which there was so much curiosity given the absolute record of deliveries. Well, the more than 300,000 cars delivered in October, November and December enabled a grossing $17.7 billionand earnings per share of $2.54.

History to have a measurement of reference, the analysts of Wall Street agree on figures ranging between 17,1 and 17,4 billion, and a profit not exceeding 2 dollars and half. Going into more detail, we better understand why this quarter represents a real turning point. Nearly 16 billion in revenue comes from the automotive sector, with a gross margin above 30%, a share rarely seen in the industry. These figures have very little impact on the green credits sold to other companies, which stop at 314 million (which remains a substantial “gift” from the competition).

Tesla Q4 2021

What, however, unlike previous data, is most surprising is the profit, which exceeds 2 billion dollars, showing exponential growth over time, and equal to +760% year-on-year. We can now say with a very good degree of certainty that Tesla will not go bankrupt tomorrow. A fact made even more evident by the level of liquidity and cash equivalent reached: 17.5 billion.

Tesla also offers us the annual projection taking into account the production volume of Q4, which would be equivalent to 1.22 million cars delivered in 12 months, all without counting the new factories in Austin and Berlin, close to the start. Throughout the day, we’ll be posting more news related to the conference, which as always featured several updates on company news and roadmaps.