The 5 best apps of the week not to be missed!

Google will introduce the Pixel 6 before the iPhone 13, which will be able to call and send messages without the need for a cellular network. This unexpected news on this Monday! Among other things, have you checked if your Xiaomi smartphone will be updated to Android 12 with our updated list?

Ok ok we know you are not right on this article because of this you are looking for the best news of this week that have been published on the Google Play Store.

Today’s list is particularly interesting, connect to Wi-Fi and get ready to download them all!

Apps - Google Play Store

As every week, we remind you that the editorial team of MobileLabs has selected for you 5 of the best applications and the most exciting games that we had the opportunity to find among the new features of the Play Store and in the list are present completely free items, paid or offered for free but which include in-app purchases.

To remember always check which of these three categories does the app refer to before downloading it!


An app that will likely be used primarily for its own beautiful and cute widgets, Aka Countdown is certainly something that cannot be missed on the Android smartphones of those who are waiting for a happy event, a vacation or who just want to keep up with the passing of time.

In Countdown You can configure up to six different “cards” which can then be added to the home screen as a widget or simply displayed in the app. Each card has its own title, background, count from or will count the time remaining to reach a certain date.

Nothing complex then, but it’s a very nice idea that might interest some of you. Aka Countdown is available for free with some aesthetic limitations, which, however, can be eliminated with a small in-app purchase.

app della settimanaapp della settimana


Northgard is a fairly popular indie real-time strategy game that has just made its debut on Android.

The porting is well done and, while not one of the lightest titles on the Google Play Store, it is possible to limit the framerate to 30fps for less efficient devices. The new touchscreen interface may take some getting used to. You can customize the interface to your preferred size, although this may interfere with other on-screen controls when playing on a smartphone. Northgard it is more suitable for tablets and Chromebooks, although using a mouse is not supported on Chromebooks.

Northgard is, however, one of the best RTS titles for Android and it is a premium game, that means once purchased you will not be bothered by annoying ads or in-app purchases. The price on the Play Store is normally 8.99 euros but for the moment it is available at a reduced price for only 5.99 euros.

Wear installer

Wear installer is an application that will be very useful for those who have a Wear OS smartwatch. If you are in this demographic, you will know that it is possible to install apps on the smartwatch, but you need to use the small screen to navigate the Play Store.

It looks like Google is working on a system where everyone can install apps right from their phone and website. However, if this solution is slow to arrive or is inconvenient for some reason, an enterprising developer has released an app that makes it easy to install Wear OS apps from your smartphone.

Wear Installer does nothing more and is available in a completely free version. Also compatible with the new Wear OS 3.0 installed on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4!

App of the week

Glory of the Titans

Aren’t mechs beautiful? Come on, everyone loves them!

Glory of the Titans is a title created by Atypical games, a high quality developer. If you’re looking for a fun mechanic shooter that doesn’t come with in-app purchases, Titan Glory is for you!

Included in the game 12 mech to unlock, 6 arenas play in it, 9 different game modes, as good as online games up to 12 players.

Available on the Google Play Store for only € 4.49, it will surely help you pass the time and have fun with your smartphone wherever you are!

Square drop

Personally I love this title, even if I must admit that on smartphones I much prefer this kind of title. arcade and with pixel art graphics.

Square drop is a game of skill in which you will have to use a “slingshot” mechanic to destroy the many luminous cubes which will try to destroy your “core” by falling from the sky. It’s an endless title, the goal is to get higher and higher scores, just like old arcade arcade games.

The application is available for free in early access. If you love Squarefall and want to remove non-invasive ads, you can do that with just one in-app purchase which will obviously fund the developer in getting the work done and, why not, in creating new future titles!

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