The best Instagram filters for stories and posts

While Instagram is is no longer a photo sharing platform, its filters are always a fundamental characteristic when creating content. A single filter can edit common posts and stories and turn them into works of art suitable for a gallery. At least I would like to think so!

Inkwell instantly gives photos a timeless black and white look, while Hefe adds warmth to channel cozy fall vibes. With Story filters, you have more space to add glamor and creativity to your post. Watch the colors change, the selfies transform into Disney characters, and the backgrounds light up as you explore the gallery. In this article, I’ll show you the best Instagram filters for your posts.

Instagram photo filters

Let’s start with the best filters for your images. According to Iconsquare survey of users, Clarendon, Lark, and Juno are in the top 10 filters that users trust, and I can see why. Clarendon boosts saturation to bring out less noticeable hues, while Lark increases exposure to brighten messages. Juno is what you play when you need to make the subtle adjustments. Contrast and saturation are increased slightly to add some warmth to the image.

Cute Instagram Filters

You’ve probably used and seen cute Instagram filters on selfies and group photos with friends. They usually have butterflies, flowers, hearts, or a combination of all three, and add a sweet touch without overloading the original message.

The Clouds glam filter matches the name perfectly. It has delicate clouds moving across the screen and a cloud on the apple of each cheek. The last two filters have nice frames to quickly dress up a story.

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Aesthetic Instagram filters

A glitter effect, torn paper corners, and vintage floral frames are classic elements seen on aesthetic Instagram posts. You can find any of these in a filter below to style your post. The first aesthetic filter, Glitter on White, adds enough sparkle to the white sections of an image or video, while the rest of the post sparkles. This filter is ideal for story articles with solid backgrounds.

The Flower Frame filter works wonders on ordinary posts. You don’t have to worry about tidying up your background as this frame covers the entire screen. A selfie or a close-up of an object will go well with this frame. Assuming your post is in color, the last filter combines two contrasting styles for an interesting look. Half of the Instagram story has a torn paper overlay with a black and white filter, giving the post an aesthetic and moody vibe.

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Animated filters for Instagram

These filters are suitable for anime fans looking to show their enthusiasm for popular shows and characters in stories. My favorite is the Sailor Moon filter. This filter brought back memories of me faithfully watching this show when I was a child! You can wear a tiara combined with moon earrings to complete the look. The first filter matches your face with a popular character (you can guess each one) while the last filter has an anime character in each corner.

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Funny Instagram filters

While users generally strive for the perfect image, some are breaking the mold to add fun messages as well. I think a break with organized content humanizes profiles and makes creators more understandable.

A fun cartoon filter is eye-catching and makes a great disguise when you have something to say but need a break away from the camera. If you are familiar with the culture of memes, you are familiar with the “That’s good” filter. It takes inspiration from the “It’s Good” meme to capture those moments when you do the right thing when everything seems to fall apart. The last filter is reminiscent of the classic photo booth that can be found in the cinema with a little twist. Each frame has a silly effect to make your portraits unique.

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How to find filters on Instagram

While these Instagram filters are great, and some would even say the best, I’m sure you want to explore some other ideas for uplifting your content. There are thousands of filters you can browse to find the right one for your style. In this section, I’ll show you how to find filters on Instagram to discover more possibilities for your posts.

  1. Open the Instagram app and touch the History icon.
  2. Swipe left and tap the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Explore the Effects gallery.
1629775396 387 Los mejores filtros de Instagram para historias y publicaciones

From there, you can scroll through the effects gallery or tap a category at the top to find the related filters. Some of the categories include fandom, immersive, selfies, and camera styles.

If you have something else on your mind, you can tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and enter a term that matches your query. When you find a filter, press the Try it out icon to see if it matches. If you like what you see, tap the three dots in the corner, then Save the effect to add it to your effects. You can continue this process to find and save additional filters!

1629775396 185 Los mejores filtros de Instagram para historias y publicaciones

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