The electric i4 is among the most sought after: BMW forced to increase shifts at the factory

At the end of November, we told you about the important milestone reached by BMW, which delivered the first ones ahead of schedule i4 electric sedans. It is a turning point for the Elica brand which, for the first time, has an electric car in its price list in the segment that has made it the most recognizable in the world.

And apparently the i4 is also very popular with would-be electric drivers, as orders are piling up quickly. According to German media today the wait for an i4 would already be about 9 monthswhich could soon become 12.


BMW does not want to sit idly by and for the first time is forced to experiment with the vaunted flexibility of its factories in Munich, where the i4 is assembled, along with other cars with internal combustion engines. BMW is also expected to add a Saturday shift soon, but could also rearrange flows to favor one model over another, if appropriate.


The i4 arrived on the market almost at the same time as the iXand both come to reinforce an electric range which until now was only composed of the historic i3 and thermal conversion iX3. In the years to come, they will also get there Electric Series 7the X1 and the 5 Series. This should lead, by 2030, to having at least 50% of total sales in electric.