The Google Toolbar is dead, after serving the web for over 20 years

In 2008 google toolbar it is the medium by which 12% of all searches on Google are made. Intended to be implemented on web browsers with multiple features, the bar was launched around 21 years ago and was decommissioned in 2011. However, December 10, 2021 represents the date of his deathsince Google unplugged it.


The news was discovered by Ron Amadeo of Ars-Technica, which monitored the state of the toolbar in the weeks leading up to its twenty-first birthday. There google toolbar it’s one of the very few products or services to have reached two decades without facing rebranding or divestitures, but it hasn’t managed to make much more than the 20-year mark. Through a support page, Google has indeed explained that Google Toolbar can no longer be installed from official sources.

Google Toolbar can no longer be installed from official sources

“Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer is deprecated”writes Big G laconically and without too many trumpets. “To get the most out of the web, try Google Chrome”. After all, many functions of the bar, such as translation, blocking of pop-up windows, access to bookmarks or protection against phishing, are now implemented natively in the vast majority of web browsers.

The bar got its start in the late 2000s as a dedicated tool for Internet Explorer, giving the possibility to access the Google search service without having to go to the homepage first. Over time, the Google Toolbar gained several auxiliary features that Internet Explorer lacked at the time. It was mainly with the launch of Chrome (2008) that the Google bar began to lose weight, and the latest program update came in 2014.

The timeframes used by Google to removal of google toolbar they are certainly not random. Internet Explorer will be officially retired on June 15, 2022, and Google has already announced the end of support for the old browser on some of its products, such as Gmail and Search itself.

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