The Kickstarter campaign for K|Lens Light Field lenses has been canceled

At the end of November last year, we wrote about theK|Lens Light Field Optics which promised to be able to transform each without mirror or DSLR compatible in a camera that can focus after shooting. This would allow you to have more creative flexibility and be able to fix some blurring issues when shooting.

This is nothing new in absolute terms because, as mentioned, Lytro had already tried it by launching a camera called Bright field camera, but the project was then abandoned and the company focused (unsuccessfully) on other sectors such as virtual reality. Now also the campaign on Starters Of K|Lens was canceled and the company wanted to explain why.

Clear K|Lens lens with Light Field technology

The motivations were expressed in an own post on the page in the countryside crowdfunding accompanied by the announcement of the cancelation even. The team of K|Lens he stated “we have carefully reviewed our financial assumptions on product prices and production costs. We have come to the conclusion that currently, even given the funding for our startup, we cannot guarantee production and delivery [ndr. dell’obiettivo Light Field].

K|Lens lens

The statement follow the rumored team Sorry fail to meet company expectations. However, it seems that it is not a goodbye but rather a goodbye when technology will allow you to have a functional product at the declared prices. In fact, it also reads that “on the other hand, if we promise a product, we want to keep what we promise and that is something that we cannot guarantee today. We will work hard to relaunch it in the near future”.

Until the moment of the cancellation of the project, the campaign of K|Lens for thelight field optics it had collected a good 199,543 euros (from 127 users) with a target set at 75,000 euros. This means that despite user interest and exceeding the target set by the company, there was no production and commercial potential for this solution. Users who have contributed to the campaign will not be charged.

K|L optical lens

The objective of K|Lens it would have had a retail price of $4099 while Kickstarter users could have received it for $2049. The launch should have taken place in the summer of 2022. The model had a length of 25.3 cm and a weight of 1.72 kg. The optical design consisted of 17 elements divided into 13 groups allowing it to be used with cameras with sensors up to 45 MPixel. The fixed focal length was equal to 80mm with a variable opening between f/6.3 and f/19. The minimum focusing distance has been set at 50cm with optimal operation between 1m and 15m.

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