The life of a frontend developer and a new DevRing conference …

Łukasz Dudziński • Events • 25 September 2020 •

The holidays are slowly fading into oblivion, the days are getting colder, and the summer of this year, perhaps, many have been remembered, is coming to an end. Autumn is also an interesting time, a time when programmers, after months of boredom, are finally in seventh heaven. Right now you are probably bombarded with announcements about various conferences, events and other occasions for a virtual meeting. The calendar is slowly filling up and this year the choice is even wider: no one is limited by location.

This time I turn my proposal to the people who deal with the widely understood frontend and related technologies. All fans of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PWA, Vue, Angular, React … should necessarily book on November 6th to attend an event organized by Comarch, the first edition of the DevRing conference!

Don’t need to introduce this company to anyone? It is one of the largest companies in the IT sector with 100% Polish capital. The leader of many solutions providing ERP systems, telecommunications, medical software, banking and many more.

What can you expect? First of all, interesting lessons on building modern mobile applications at PWA, presentations on Vue Composition API, React Hooks and many more. Additionally, there are hands-on sessions, during which, under the watchful eye of qualified mentors, you will gain a handful of new knowledge.

This year, due to the notorious situation with a certain Chinese illegal immigrant, the event will be – like most – entirely online. Anyone can participate, no matter where they are. Details are available on the website dedicated to the conference …

You are probably wondering what else makes this event so special that it is worth attending? As the organizers say – professionals and specialists in this field of programming will erase their knowledge in sparring, during which they will try to convince participants to choose their topics and vote for them and their proposed solutions – does it sound interesting? So let’s try!

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