The Microsoft Store is renewing itself (finally)

The Microsoft Store is renewing itself (finally)

We already had it anticipated even before the launch of Windows 11 and now it’s a reality: the Microsoft Store is being renewed (finally).

A new user experience

It is a renewal which from here to the exit of Windows 11 will see continuous pieces, until completely renewing what the user experience of the Microsoft Store is.

Currently, the Store leaves something to be desired, especially for those who have a GamePass subscription: indeed, the management of downloads (on the one hand) has nothing to do with the most famous Steam (not Origin or EA Desktop).

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Hopefully the download doesn’t stop or crash with the current store, otherwise it will start over.

A first step towards a complete renewal

Microsoft is currently working on improvement user experience, will review and improve aspects with the installation process, notices and notes assigned to applications by users.

Here are some pictures of the new Store, version 22107.1401.6.0.

This is surely a first step which, as mentioned above, will be followed by other small / large improvements that we will see with the release of the new updated versions of the Store.

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