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In an increasingly profitable and popular market, we will present in today’s article the applications that benefited the most in the year 2019. According to Sensor tower, with a turnover of almost 40 billion dollars in the first half of 2019, the applications market is showing more and more value.


For different purposes, apps have almost become an extension of human wants and needs. Streaming platforms and messaging applications are constantly growing. The most profitable for the year 2019 are shown in the list below.


The relationship app is the largest of its kind for meeting new people, you can swipe to like the person or not. With in-app purchases for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, the experience is enriched with: more superlike a day, passport to see and like people from all over the world, see who likes you, be shown only to those you like it, among others.

The most profitable apps of 2019


Video streaming platforms dominate the list. Streaming is nothing more than a form of instant digital distribution of series and movies over the networks, without the need to download to access the catalog. Netflix is ​​the largest platform today, with its own productions and users from all over the world.

Tencent Video

Another streaming service, this time from China and the huge tech firm Tencent, considered by forbes one of the largest technology companies of 2019. With a market value of $ 472.1 billion, Tencent Video is China’s largest video streaming service.


A competitor of Tencent Video, iQIYI is a video streaming company known as a kind of Netflix of China. The platform has a huge number of views and also has original productions, however it has censorship and interference from the People’s Republic of China.


The video sharing and hosting platform, after the purchase by Google, has expanded the video advertising service through AdSense, which generates profit and monetization of videos.


An application for exchanging messages and conversations, Line features video calls, calls and instant messages.


Especially popular with younger audiences, the games are among the most profitable with purchases within the universe of each game. Highlighting the ones that allow multiplayer in the scene, the ones that have benefited the most are:

honor of kings

It is an online multiplayer battle arena game, exclusive to the Chinese market.

Fate / Grand Order

Fate / Grand Order is a Japanese group combat electronic role-playing game. As of March 2019, the game earned more than $ 3 billion.

Monster shot

Monster Strike is a strategy, role-playing and multiplayer game inspired by the anime of the same name.

candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is a puzzle and reasoning game to achieve the objectives of each level by matching candies of the same color.

The most profitable games of 2019


Main of the Battle Royale genre in which up to a hundred players are placed in an arena with weapons and equipment to survive until the end, in individual or team mode.

the most downloaded

In addition to profitability, some apps stand out for being the most downloaded in all stores for iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. Mark Zuckerberg’s apps are the ones that appear the most in the group, which has:

  • Whatsapp;
  • Messenger;
  • Tic knock;
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram.


In terms of values, the accounting is carried out by adding the postings of the App Store And Google Play. Total application revenue reached $ 39 billion in the first half of 2019, up 15% from the previous year, a number that is set to grow.

Consumers spent approximately $ 25.5 billion globally on the App Store during the first half of the year, up 13.2%. The value generated by Apple’s platform was about 80% higher than that of Google Play, which had an estimated revenue of $ 14.2 billion in the middle of last year.

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