The Power Bank “the fastest in the world to recharge” thanks to graphene

Electret a company known for its electronic charging solutions Power banksnow in charge of a project with futuristic characteristics thanks to the graphene. This is a battery, known as Apollo Ultrawith the possibility of 10000mAh and capable of recharging from 0 to 100 in 27 minutes if you use a 100W charger.

Apollo Ultra: full recharges in 27 minutes thanks to graphene

In the case of a 29W charger, on the other hand, it takes just over 70 minutes. Additionally, Apollo Ultra can support up to 2,500 recharge cycles before its longevity is reduced to 80%. In 7 minutes, a completely discharged smartphone is put back into operation, while the device not subject to overheating even in fast charge mode.

Electric Apollo Ultra

It is five to six times better performance compared to a normal battery, made possible by the use of a layer of graphene between the electrodes, capable of boosting the lithium polymer battery located inside the Power Bank. Although the concrete applications of graphene are not yet as recurrent, it is a monatomic carbon-based material which, potentially, can guarantee much larger batteries with better performance, in the context of greater durability. environmental.

The Power Bank then equipped with USB-A and USB-C PD 3.0 portsthe latter being able to receive inputs up to 100W and provide up to 65W, sufficient for power a laptop. The USB-A port, meanwhile, can deliver a maximum of 18W.

Apollo Ultra a project that Elecjet hopes to be able to finance through the crowdfunding platform indiegogo where he has already raised funds for more than 160,000 euros. Thanks to the latter possible buy a unit for 69 dollars (just over 60 euros).

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