the sex toy that makes you dizzy

Following the success of its Coco, feminist and committed brand Puissante is back on stage with its Toupie, a vibrating stimulator that intends to turn heads.

It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in the cutthroat world of sextech. On the march of giants already established on the market such as Womanizer, Lelo and Satisfyer, few companies manage to keep up, among the few exceptions, Powerful still signs a real French success story. Imagined by entrepreneur Marie Comacle, the feminist and committed brand is experiencing a first success on Ulule in 2020, with funding of almost 2600% of its double stimulator Coco.

Less than two years later, Powerful is available in most physical and online loveshops, signing a flash pass on the M6 ​​in the show Who wants to be my partner, and launches the first vegan lubricant based on coconut water. Logical sequence of operations: marketing a second sex toy, this time without going through the crowdfunding box. Now it’s finished Toupie, a new vibrant pebble launched in October 2022.

Powerful balance sex toy sextech spinning top
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Discover the mighty spinning top

Design: mind-boggling

As with its Coco, Puissant is innovating by offering a completely new shape on the sextech market. The brand hasn’t looked very far for its name, and it is quite logical that the shape of its Toupie accidentally resembles… a spinning top. However, don’t expect to provoke your best beyblade fights with it, it’s in bed that the vibrator intends to establish itself as the champion of the arena.

Powerful sextech sextoy spinning top side view
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Behind its incredible curves, the Toupie’s design focuses above all on ergonomics. Its curved part intends to facilitate grip, while the tip allows targeted stimulation of the external clitoris, and more generally of any erogenous zone the brand promises. In addition to its small size and good grip, the sex toy benefits from beautiful finishes, a soft biocompatible silicone with a velvety texture and an original design. The brand proves once again that on paper it has little to envy to its high-end competitors.

Engaging and engaging

As with his Coco, Puissant goes for a committed approach that hits the mark with his Toupie. First imagining his new sex toy as an object accessible to everyone, including beginners who are not very comfortable with the idea of ​​using a sex toy. With its retrogressive shape and two unique buttons, the device is not only reassuring but also very easy to use. A long press on the + to start the vibrations, 10 progressive intensity modes and that’s it. By skipping penetration (the Toupie is designed for outdoor use), the brand broadens its potential audience while offering greater freedom of form in its product design, which is well done.

Powerful sextech spinning top loaded sextoy spindle
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In addition to the magnetic charging cable and carrying case, the Toupie also comes with busy and thought-provoking documentation, which serves as both user manual and pleasure manifesto. Inclusive, gender-neutral and able to guarantee a good grip for users with motor disabilities (such as the elderly in particular), the Toupie struggles to impose its environmental commitment. With a Chinese manufacturing and some plastic in the packaging, we will go back to ecology. When Coco was released, its creator Marie Comacle explained to us the difficulty of creating a profitable sex toy made in France. Let’s hope that France will finally be able to become competitive in this matter within a few years.

Toupee or no toupee?

Designed as an external vibrator, the Powerful Toupie delivers deep, qualitative vibrations, perfect for a first foray into the world of sextech. Because this is exactly where the brand stands out from the competition. When Womanizer and Lelo address an audience of connoisseurs already committed to the cause of sextech, Powerful aims to reach those who know nothing about it. For beginners wishing to discover their pleasure, the forgotten sextech and the reluctant who do not yet have the courage to take the plunge, La Toupie wants to democratize the use of sex toys without forgetting anyone.

Powerful sextech sextoy spinning top front view
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It is precisely this prejudice that causes the defects of the Toupie. The device’s vibrations lack intensity, and its shape, while interesting, ultimately resembles a fairly classic cobblestone once in operation. In the originality game, the Coco has benefited from a more interesting versatility, while the Toupie is clearly not optimal in terms of ergonomics. However, these few black spots didn’t spoil our experience. The Puissant sex toy is designed for beginners and stays true to its guideline.

More than a feature-rich performance monster, Powerful wants to place the recreational dimension of the orgasm in a more general conception of physical and psychological well-being. The message behind La Toupie sounds like a call to public utility: masturbation is neither shameful nor taboo and can be an integral part of our sexual fulfillment. For those who still doubt it; remember that sexual health has recently been recognized as a fundamental right by WHO.

Powerful spinning top sextech sextoy zoom logo
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Price and availability

Released in October 2022, the Powerful Toupie is available in blue and mint green, at a relatively affordable price: at €59, the French brand’s vibrant pebble doesn’t pout, especially for those who would like to start. If you already own some sex toys, we advise you to focus on a more versatile and innovative sex toy, such as the Lelo Dot, or the Womanizer OG, released a few days ago.

Discover the mighty spinning top