The taikonauts gave lessons aboard the Chinese space station

On board of Chinese space station Tiangong there are currently three taikonauts: Zhai Zhigang, Ye Guang Fu And Wang Yaping. The activities follow one another as planned and there are many shares on Chinese social networks and state television CCTV. The duration of the mission is 6 months (the previous one was 3 months) and the first extravehicular activity has already been carried out.

However, December 9 was a special day because Wang Yaping (first Chinese female astronaut aboard Tiangong) outfit a lesson to various viewers, including many children and young people, on Earth. These are training activities that have already been carried out on the ISS but this is the first time that they have taken place on board this space station. On December 11, the new orbital parameters of Tiangong which currently has an apogee of 396 km, a perigee of 386.7 km with an average altitude of 391.3 km, an inclination of 41.4° and a speed of 7.68 km/s.

The lesson aboard the Chinese space station Tiangong

As reported by the CNASthe crew of chinese space station has sent direct a lesson for the students. In the center were the experiments that can be carried out in microgravity showing the clear differences with what happens on Earth instead.


THE three taikonauts they showed part of life on board with Wang Yaping (helped by her colleagues) who carried out experiments related to fluids and their behavior in this environment. In addition, some schools were able to interact directly with the astronauts for a total of 1,420 students divided between primary and secondary school.

space station

The cycle of lessons called “Tiangong-class” it is a return to the teaching of Space of the Chinese agency after an eight-year hiatus. The first lesson had a duration of 60 minutes with experiments related to cytology, human motion, surface tension of liquids and much more. In a video made available by the CNSA, we can for example see the use of a gyroscope or a microscope with human heart cells.


Among the experiments there is the possibility of immersing a ping pong ball in a jar containing water (whereas on Earth this is not possible). Even the use of typical children’s toys in China, such as paper flowers, was employed during the lesson aboard the chinese space station. Even the experiment of immersing an effervescent tablet in a sphere of water (already carried out on the ISS) has been reproduced.

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