The teams will integrate new research based on artificial intelligence

The Microsoft Teams phenomenon deserves to be studied. The Redmond giant came close to buying Slack, the leader at the time, for around $ 8 billion. Fortunately for both parties, the deal didn’t come to fruition, and it was acquired this year by Salesforce for four times the amount Microsoft offered five years ago. Meanwhile, Teams continues to grow and is already considered a standard in many industries.

Now, research within Microsoft Teams will improve along with artificial intelligence. Those of Redmond now have a great rival in Salesforce to manage Slack and will have to work to maintain hegemony and impose their services against solutions from Google, Salesforce and Facebook.

Research in teams will use artificial intelligence

The growing popularity of Teams is the result of hard work by developers to improve the overall experience. Team developers are currently working on a ton of new features, including a new AI-powered search results page.

The new search in Microsoft Teams

According to the page Microsoft 365 Basics Guide, the new search results page “This will make searching for messages, people, replies and files faster and more intuitive”. Redesigned search results search page will provide better context and faster results, thanks to the relevance of AI-based research. This will be based on the people and content you interact with the most in Teams and other Microsoft 365 services. In other words, the redesigned search page aims to save time and energy.

At the moment, we don’t know when this new feature will arrive, but it looks like November would be the chosen date. It would reach some users first and complete its rollout by the end of this month.