The Tesla Model S saved from a flood? Yes, but now it has a V8 engine. Here is the video of the amazing conversion

YouTube channel guys Rich reconstructions they’re not new to projects that seem absurd, impossible, or extravagant, but maybe this time around they’ve outdone themselves. We already told you about them last summer, when they salvaged a wrecked Tesla Model 3, turning it into a Mad Max-style off-road vehicle.

This time too, the object of the video is a You’re hereA Models first series (the one with the false grille to be clear), recovered after a flood. The team’s original intention was to bring the car back to life, but Tesla refused to sell the necessary components. So Rich and company came up with the idea of ​​knocking on the door of Chevywho was quite happy to supply him with all the components used for classic muscle car conversions.

After more than a year of work, the car is of course no longer electric, but features a Chevy V8 engine, and a transmission completely adapted to the chassis, reinforced in several parts, after the car was stripped of all components and wiring. Using a second wrecked Model S, the necessary electronics were salvaged (which had failed due to water), and after meticulous work, the car was brought back to life, but with a completely different soul.

There Model S V8 was shown to the public for the first time during SEMA in Las Vegas, really attracting a lot of attention. In the video above we see one of the first tests, used as an everyday car, although the noise has increased “slightly”. Rich also stopped by an authorized Chevrolet repair shop to show off the job.

The owner got his car back, usable again and, we’d like to point out, designed to be very tough under normal use, and not as flimsy as seen in “Pimp My Ride”.