The Walking Dead: Producer Talks Season 11 Premiere & More

Image from: The Walking Dead: Producer talks about season 11 previews and more

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It’s the Beginning of the End: Maggie, Carol and Daryl searched for supplies for a starving Alexandria at a military base full of newly awakened zombies in The walking dead. The tension between Maggie – Glenn’s widow – and Negan, who killed him mercilessly, is about to explode. What to expect from the future?

Who answers is Angela Kang, showrunner of the series, which signed the first episode of season 11’s TWDAcheron: Part I – along with Jim Barnes. In website interviews Expiration And to decide, told us a little about what we can expect for the end of the zombie saga.

For the start of the season, Kang opted for classic horror, in the tunnels under Washington, with hordes of zombies, even during the pandemic. He said that even with the difficulties of filming, there will be moments that are sure to feel like classic horror in the final season. Like the ending of the first episode, in which Negan leaves Maggie on the brink of death, in a twist breathtaking.

In this last arc, very close to the “Commonwealth” of the comic that inspired the series, the survivors have come together and returned to a very elementary phase of civilization, in search of food, shelter and safety. In the arc of the comics, Rick has a big stake, which brings rumors among fans about the possible return.

Rick Grimes left TWD in season 9Rick Grimes left TWD in season 9Source: AMC / Disclosure

Although his films for the franchise are confirmed, Kang declined. “There is an implication in the universe [da franquia]. So there are a lot of things that aren’t really under my umbrella, “the said showrunner.

On the return of other dear characters, Kang also refused to say, “There’s a bit of a spoiler if I answer (…), this isn’t really the point in either direction of an answer, but I think it’s a bit ‘too much spoiler. “.

With the departure of Michonne, who takes on the role of someone with a relative living in the Commonweath (Michonne’s arc in the comics) in the series, it is the character Yumiko, who has a brother involved in the community.

As for the end of the series being the beginning of spin off of Daryl and Carol, Kang said “there is definitely an exchange”. But he continued: “You know, it’s also like the show has to end apart from anything else that might come out of it.”

Oh Expiration he also spoke to the producer about the difficulty of getting a series ending right. Kang said the endings are notoriously difficult to achieve because they carry the weight of an entire series.

And you, waiting for the end of TWD? Season 11 will have 24 episodes divided into three parts and unfortunately will not air on Brazilian TV. Around here, the episodes will be released on the Star + streaming service.