this French nugget for investing is a hit

Are you looking to invest your money efficiently and build up good capital? The Mon Petit Placement application is made for you with an accessible solution from €300 and 100% online!

While inflation is at the heart of all current debates, you are probably looking at a safe and profitable solution to grow your savings. When you’re not an expert in this field, investing can be scary. Everything seems complicated and risky… Especially when you don’t have a fortune to invest.

Naturally, we turn to safe investments such as the Livret A. Despite its reliability, the yield is low, so it is difficult to gain purchasing power over time. Its current rate of 2% will increase to 3% from February 1, 2023, which remains well below the inflation rate French households are experiencing today (5.2% in 2022).

Faced with this remark, the French nugget My little investment chose to democratize investment for individuals. No more ideas received, you will be able to invest optimally, starting from 300 euros. With this application, the investment becomes simple, fast AND accessible to all.

I discover My Little Placement

Want to kick off a Sunday afternoon from your couch? It’s possible. No more spending hours with your banker, trying to understand his incomprehensible words … Mon Petit Placement consultants work with you to develop a strategy adapted to your profile and your objectives.

Remember that in investing, risks and returns are closely linked. So whether you are a beginner or an expert, Mon Petit Placement is a suitable solution. The French startup offers four portfolios, each with its own level of risk and return. The more risks you take, the more your investment has high return potential.

When investing like professionals becomes accessible to everyone

Lazard, Rothschild or even JP Morgan… Mon Petit Placement gives you access to premium financial products carefully selected by its experts. You don’t need to have a colossal sum to invest to embark on this adventure, you can start from 300 euros.

To build a beautiful capital, My little investment has several “secrets”. The golden rule? Start as early as possible. Also, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars now, you have to especially be regular. If you choose to invest small amounts from time to time, your savings will grow significantly over the years.

No unpleasant surprises with Mon Petit Placement, fintech has every interest in ensuring that your investments bring you money. Indeed, it only pays if your investments perform well and charges no entry or exit fees. Growing your savings is a real team effort between you and Mon Petit Placement.

I discover My Little Placement

In addition, you have the option of diversifying your investment by choosing themes that match your wishes and/or values ​​(technology, health, environment, real estate, etc.). My little placement is without obligation and you can get your money back whenever you want, free.

Returns, yes… But not at the expense of your safety. Mon Petit Placement’s interface is secure and your data is protected. In addition, the Lyon-based fintech has partnered with two major essential insurers in France.

A gift of 40% just for you!

Simple, profitable and accessible to all… Mon Petit Placement certainly knows the recipe for success. If you want to invest your money better now, fintech is the perfect solution. Especially since he’s pitching a Exclusive offer for Journal du Geek readers. Thus, the promotional code GEEK40 allows you to benefit from Immediate 40% reduction on your performance fees the first year. This unique offer is for a limited time, don’t wait to take advantage of it!

To embark on the adventure of Mon Petit Placement, all you have to do is go to the online platform and create your account. A very simple form to fill out draws up your profile in ten minutes to suggest the most suitable investment strategy. The fintech also sends you personalized, free and non-binding advice. Once your account has been validated, you will be able to follow your positioning from your customer area. Everything is available in just a few clicks. Ready to start? It’s like this:

I discover My Little Placement