Tineco Floor One S5 Combo is the hybrid vacuum cleaner for the home

In recent weeks, at this address, we have analyzed the robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner Tineco Floor One S5: it is the evolution of the Tineco Floor One S3 model, of which it stands out for the greater capacity of the two tanks for clear water and dark water as well as for the cleaning brush which also operates along the walls , flush with them.

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There is a second product in the Tineco range that has recently become commercially available, capable of combining the characteristics of the Floor One S5 model with the possibility of transforming into a simple hand-held vacuum cleaner. Let’s talk about the model Floor one S5 Combowhich as its name clearly indicates it has a hybrid character and with its construction, it overcomes the main limitation of the Floor One S3 and S5: they cannot be used to vacuum only the surfaces of objects present in the house.

The construction logic is rather intuitive: the product, in the standard configuration, allows disconnect the suction motor which can thus be mounted on a different collection container and thus function as a simple vacuum cleaner. The other two light and dark water tanks remain in the main structure, essential for the typical use of this product for vacuuming and washing the floor.

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The principle of operation of Tineco Floor One S5 Combo in floor cleaning is in fact identical to that of the S5 model: the brush is of identical construction but narrower by a few cm, also in this case finished on the right side in order to move along the edge of walls or furniture and better suck up the dust present in the corners. The Combo function made it necessary to review the dimensions of the two water tanks, which are 0.5 liters for the waste water collection tank and 0.45 liters for the clear water tank: these are similar volumes to those of the tanks of Tineco Floor One S3, while in Floor One S5 the tanks have a capacity of 0.8 and 0.7 liters respectively.

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Once the vacuum motor is disconnected from the main structure, this becomes a traditional vacuum cleaner, to which different terminations can be connected depending on the type of surface to be vacuumed. There is no extension with base that allows this accessory to be used for vacuuming the floor: this operation must be carried out with the Floor One S5 Combo in the traditional configuration which provides for vacuuming and washing in one. passage.

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The suction is controlled by the buttons on the handle and by interacting with the information displayed on the screen. Cleaning is carried out in automatic mode, the product independently managing the suction intensity according to the clogging of the surface. It is possible to force its operation at maximum power, if you still prefer to have maximum efficiency even in the face of greater noise. The battery level is indicated as a percentage, while once the product has been placed on the charging base, the self-diagnosis verifies the need to empty the dirty water tank and, if necessary, suggests a automatic cleaning operation.

This last function is one of the most interesting of this product, as well as of the rest of the Floor One S3 and S5: in fact, it allows you to automatically cleans the roller and internal components using clean water from the tank. At the end of each cleaning operation, this activity eliminates most of the dirt that may be stuck between the brush and the internal pipes. Periodically, it is advisable to carry out a thorough cleaning by removing the roller and cleaning the internal pipes using the brush supplied with the product. In this way, the best functioning is guaranteed in the long term as well as a more efficient cleaning.

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The operation of Tineco Floor One S5 Combo can also be monitored by the Tineco appthrough which it is not only possible to configure certain operating parameters, but also to obtain summary metrics on the amount of cleaning carried out and for how long each day of the week.

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How does Floor One S5 Combo work in daily cleaning? Like the other models of the family floors are cleaned extremely effectively: dust extraction is always complete and floor washing effective on daily dirt. If the dirt is particularly stubborn, especially when dry, a multi-pass operation can return the surface to its original state just as one would if one were to use a rag and stick. The maneuverability of the product is not equal to that of traditional bag vacuum cleaners, thanks to the weight of the suction and cleaning structure, but the traction imparted by the brush facilitates sliding over the surface: grip but hand it is easy to use this product to clean the floors of the house. The presence of a water tank also facilitates cleaning when liquids have been spilled on the floor: a quick wipe is enough to remove everything effectively, collecting the dark water in the tank.

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Floor One S5 Combo is offered at the list price of €449 including tax, therefore lower than that of the Floor One S5. From the latter it takes all the constructive and functional qualities, adding the practicality of being able to convert into a simple vacuum cleaner to be held in the hand. In the comparison between the two products what appears as a limitation is the lower capacity of the two tanks, which requires more frequent stops for their correct restoration. In addition, the operating autonomy with battery is lower, going from 35 minutes of Floor One S5 to 20 minutes of Floor One S5 Combo when used for vacuuming and washing; using the S5 Combo as a handheld vacuum only, runtime is quoted at around 50 minutes, more than adequate for the cleaning needs of even a large apartment. When used in this mode, it proves easy to hold, with a low weight and the handle that allows a very solid grip; the autonomy is more than enough to carry out the cleaning of an average-sized apartment without recharging stops and the two accessories are also useful for cleaning the interior of your car.

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Floor One S5 Combo outperforms, with a brilliant build, the main limitation of Floor One S5 is that it cannot be used to vacuum dust from household surfaces and objects. This is achieved with certain limitations in terms of battery size and two tanks, but without affecting the ease of use and cleaning efficiency of the Floor One series. For those looking for a vacuum cleaner that vacuums and cleans in one pass, and can also be used only to vacuum household surfaces and objects as needed, the Floor One S5 Combo is currently an ideal choice.

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We point out that the company has also made available an upgrade kit, with which you can also use Floor One S5 Combo as a traditional vacuum cleaner. An extension tube, a soft brush for floors, a mini brush for sofas and cushions are provided as well as a base on which to mount all the accessories when not in use.