Too few GPUs? For NVIDIA it will be better from the second half of 2022

And the Chief Financial Officer of NVIDIAColette Kress, indicating the second half of next year as the period from which the availability of GPUs on the market will gradually return to the standard. Concretely, it is from this moment that the availability of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs will improve.

The announcement, made at the USB Global TMT conference taking place these days, gives hope that the momentum of reduced availability combined with prices well above list prices that have long characterized the video card market will come to an end.


For several months, the retail prices of video cards have indeed been totally out of control., with purchase values ​​well above the official rates. In addition to this, however, it becomes difficult to be able to buy a video card: even at much higher prices, in fact, consumer demand still exceeds the overall supply.

In any case, it remains to be understood to what extent NVIDIA, but the same reasoning can be made for competitor AMD, has intervened with its partners to ensure adequate production volumes for its GPUs. Given the difficulty of obtaining higher GPU volumes in the short term it is conceivable that NVIDIA has entered into long-term supply agreements which, due to the current scenario and the long lead times required for the production of GPUs in foundries, will only start to generate positive effects in the second half of next year.