Too much peak demand? Volkswagen chooses Tesla storage for more than 140 charging stations

First consequence of the scandal diesel scandal, volkswagen was forced to create an electric car charging network in the United States, which he called Electrifying America. The network is now quite extensive and has hundreds of stations, which are not always located in places where it is easy to have so much electrical power available.

This is why the Volkswagen subsidiary has decided to equip some of its stations with storage batteries local, so as not to burden only the distribution network. Now we find that the stations thus constructed there are more than 140, including 90 in California. The total installed capacity reached approximately 30 MWh.

Tesla x Electrify America

Accumulation at fast and ultra-fast terminals guarantees three advantages: support during peak hours, storage recharging at times when electricity is less expensive, buffer for the production of renewable energy local. But who chose Volkswagen as a partner? Nothing less than You’re herenow well known for its energy storage solutions, which has made available modules 210 kW of power and 350 kWh of capacity. We don’t know what the current state is for, as all systems have been set up to be modular and accommodate more power if needed.

Tesla x Electrify America

The weird thing that Electrify America had publicized the collaboration, but is now trying by all means to hide Tesla name installations, making OEM product buildups look ordinary. This choice could be a consequence of recent tensions at Volkswagen, which saw CEO Herbert Diess facing an indictment, and one of the reasons would be too much attention towards Tesla.

However, the project remains fundamental, as it allows fast charging stations even where the network is obsolete or does not have a high residual power to exploit, an important factor in a vast and diverse territory like that of the United States. .