Top 10 AI Image Generators

Artificial intelligence continues to make significant progress, so much so that today it offers the possibility of creating artistic designs through simple description. That’s what I can do AI image generators, already renamed “virtual painters”. Will they be the first to knock down what has been the increasingly difficult hurdle for artificial intelligence, namely finally achieving human creativity?

If you are curious to know more about what they are and how they work, in this article we present the list of best AI image generators capable of producing art from simple text.

art breeder

Artbreeder best ai image generators

art breeder allows its users to “mix” the images present in a public database in order to produce landscapes, illustrations, portraits and anime-style drawings from a simple natural textual description.

The free plan allows you to upload up to a maximum of 3 images and upload 5 high resolution images. If you want more freedom of action, you can count on one of the two paid packages choice between “Hall” And “Advanced”, respectively at the price of 7.49 euros and 15.99 euros per year. With the diet “Hall” you can upload up to 200 high resolution images, which “Advanced” it goes up to 800 downloads.



Crayon is one of the best AI image generators available today. It owes its popularity to the fact that it can be used for free and that it is based on the same artificial intelligence that manages the very famous ChatGPT, the prototype of chatbots specialized in dialogue with a person of flesh and blood.

The operation is very simple: just connect to the official site, type in English what you want to obtain and finally select the “Draw” command. After a few minutes, the artificial intelligence will process the different versions of the drawing allowing you to download it to your computer.

DE-E 2

From E2

DE-E 2 is the new version of AI image generator developed by Open AI, four times more powerful than the previous DALL-E. It is able to create digital illustrations from a simple textual description, supporting the combination of attributes, concepts and styles. The new DALL-E 2, which debuted in 2022 (twelve months after its predecessor), uses an innovative process called “diffusion” based on the relationship between images and the text used to describe them.

At the moment there are no monthly or annual plans, the user only pays for what he needs: a download of a 1024×1024 resolution image costs $0.020, a 512×512 image instead costs $0.018, while the price of an image with 256×256 resolution is $0.016.

Deep AI


Deep AI is another image generator that uses artificial intelligence to create new media content based on a simple description and choosing a certain style.

All you have to do is enter the idea behind your new creation, select the desired style from those offered by DeeAI and click the button “Generate” to start making the image. The paid plan DeeAI PRO ($4.99 per month) offers the possibility to generate up to 500 images each month and have free access to the entire library of APIs and styles.

deep dream generator

deep dream generator

deep dream generator is the service created by Google since 2009 to improve the existing images. Over the years, the AI ​​by Google image generator has made its way among digital artists, becoming a reference for lovers of abstract art. Also in this case, the use is very simple: after registration, all you have to do is upload the image you want to be examined by the artificial intelligence in the cloud and wait for the AI ​​to finish its work.

To take full advantage of the service, there are three monthly subscription plans: Advanced ($19 per month) for 20 GB of space and Full HD resolution downloads, professional ($39 per month) for 50GB of storage and Quad HD+ resolution, Ultra ($99 per month) for up to 200 GB of cloud storage.

Dream by WOMBO

Dreaming of Wombo

Unlike the other services seen so far, Dream by WOMBO is a real application, downloadable for free from smartphones android And iPhone. However, the operation remains the same as already experienced with the other best AI image generators: just describe your idea in a short sentence, choose the style you want and press the button “Create”. Of the four images produced by the artificial intelligence, three require a subscription to the Premium service, while the first is free. The annual plan of Dream bounty ranges from $29.99 to $59.99, or you can consider buying the lifetime license for $169.99 (prices refer to iOS version).

Mid Road

Mid Road

As user experience Mid Road it may be the least intuitive compared to other generators that use artificial intelligence to create new images, but once you learn how to use it, it has nothing to envy to the competition. To use Midjourney it is necessary to access the service server available on Discorda well-known American instant messaging platform (the server name is @midjourney and can be contacted on

Once connected to the server, join one of the channels #beginners you see on the left side and type the command /image to be able to write the idea to entrust to the AI ​​of Midjourney. Then wait the time necessary for the creation of the new image. In the free version of the service are available up to 25 creations, the plan Basic at $10 per month, it offers 200-image downloads, which Standard $30/month removes any limit.

night cafe

night cafe

night cafe is going to place itself in the list of best AI image generators. The operation remains in fact identical to that of many other services described in this guide: type a short text in English in the appropriate field, select one of the three available styles that you wish to assign to the image and press the button to the end “Create” to start the dance.

In the free version 10 images can be uploaded, so if you want to use NightCafe regularly, you need to subscribe to one of the available paid plans: AI enthusiast ($9.99 per month for over 1,600 images), AI enthusiast ($19.99 per month for over 2,800 images), AI Artist ($49.99 per month for over 6,000 images), AI professional ($79.99 per month for over 10,000 images).

Pixel radius

Pixel radius

Another generator that uses artificial intelligence (in this case more than one) to produce new digital images is called Pixel radius and it is a totally open source service free. To use it, log in to official section of the websitethen in the field “instructions” type the idea to submit to the AI ​​and select the technology you want to employ in the field “drawer”; Finally, click the button “Submit” to start the operation. If you are curious to know more about the open source project, we invite you to consult the dedicated page on the GitHub site.

Starry AI


We close the list of the best AI image generators with Starry AIa tool available both on the official website and on smartphones by downloading the homonymous application from Google Play Store And App store.

The operation remains practically unchanged: once the inscription is finished, type the sentence that best corresponds to the idea behind the new creation, then select the style in which you want the artificial intelligence to create the image, finally press the button placed at the bottom to launch out of the AI. The free version by Starry AI grants the creation of five images per day (5 credits). If you wish, you can purchase one of the five credit plans available: 40 credits ($15.99), 100 credits ($29.99), 200 credits ($49.99), 500 credits ($99.99), 1,000 credits ($149.99).

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