Top 10 expense management apps

It’s never too late to start saving. Whether it’s for a gift, a trip or a new car, or simply to make ends meet at the end of the month, betting on savings is the most correct solution.

And if you think it’s hard to put something away every month, given that you’re a known spender (although for you it might just be sheer generosity), it might be time to try one of expense management app.

Whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can count on an application that will help you keep your personal account and your monthly spending budget under control.

In this article, we show you the 10 Best Expense Management Apps.

Best cross-platform expense management apps

Here is the list of the best cross-platform personal or family expense management apps i.e. available on both iOS and Android.

Monefy – Financial tracking

Simplicity above all. Monetary it stands out for its user-friendly interface, which is mainly based on icons and buttons. The graphics are also excellent, through which it is possible to have a complete picture of the situation in a few moments. Another highlight of the app is support for synchronization via Dropbox and Google Drive cloud services.

The main features of Monefy are available in the free version, for others more exclusive – like synchronization on several devices and the creation of personal categories – you must upgrade to the paid version at a price of €31.99.

Splid – Split expenses

Split is an excellent application for those who live as a couple and are used to sharing expenses with the person with whom they live under the same roof.

Upon opening the application, you are prompted to create a group, with the addition of people who share the expenses. The interface is minimalist, at any time it is possible to add a payment or income using the appropriate button “+” at the bottom right and see the overview of payments via the option “Total Expenditure”.

Paid version is also available Splid Pluswhich for a single cost of €2.99 offers unlimited groups, export to Excel and expenses by category.

Expense management, budget (Innim)

Expense management by developer Innim is an ideal cross-platform app for managing a family’s expenses.

The recording of expenses and income is very simple and detailed at the same time, with the possibility of creating as many categories as you wish thanks to the large number of icons available.

Unlike the other apps on the list, it also allows you to create recurring payments, useful for example if you are paying your mortgage or for subscriptions to one or more streaming platforms. The graph that summarizes income and expenses over a given period, as well as the balance of the main account, is also excellent.

Portfolio – Personal Finances

Portfolio – Personal Finances is one of the best expense management applications, among the most complete in its category.

Starting with adding an account, you can link each of your bank accounts through the app’s secure banking connection. Among the online accounts are those of PayPal, Intesa Sanpaolo, ING, Revolut, UniCredit and Fineco.

You also have the option of entering payment schedules and monitoring the evolution of the balance at any time using an ad hoc chart.
Among the many sections available, there is also one relating to debts, thanks to which it is possible to keep track of the loans received and granted. And more with features Budget and objectives you have the ability to manage your cash flow and put something aside for a big expense.

With Premium Wallets, the paid version of the app, for a one-time cost of €29.99 (or €19.99 per year), you get unlimited accounts and advanced charts and reports. Also with Wallet Premium, the limit for synchronizations with bank accounts also expires.

Best expense management apps for iOS

These are the best expense management apps available exclusively for iPhone.

visual budget

visual budget is a personal expense management application that manages to combine a professional look with attractive graphics.

It is an application within everyone’s reach, thanks to its intuitiveness and the many features capable of satisfying everyone. The category and subcategory system is excellent, as are the expense and income graphs, which can be viewed separately or together. In addition, you also have the option of defining one or more recurring transactions.

Visual Budget is available for free and without advertising on iPhone.

iExpense – Expense Tracker

iExpense is an application that mainly focuses on the balance between income and expenses, providing a clear graph of the financial situation at all times.

The translations could be better (the writing that corresponds to turnover is named “income”while that of expenditure “expenses”), but otherwise it’s still a good tool. In addition, special attention is paid to privacy, since the use of the application is protected by Face ID recognition and the unlock code of the iPhone.

A paid version is also available (iSpend Premium), which unlocks recurring payment capture and removes ads. How much does it cost? If you choose the monthly plan €3.49, the annual plan €32.99.

BudJet by Moneyfarm

BudJet by Moneyfarm is one of the most comprehensive expense management apps available on iOS.

In addition to the classic additions of operations (even recurring), you can plan savings goals based on both time and specific categories. Additionally, you have the option of exporting data and transactions to a convenient CSV file format.

The rich set of category icons for both items (expenses and income) deserves praise, although we would have liked to have had a little more complete screen to enter any notes in the margin and not just the amount. On the other hand, the option to protect access to the application with a PIN code is welcome.

Loot – savings piggy bank

The final expense management app we recommend if you have an iPhone is called Loot – savings piggy bank.

Compared to the other Apps seen so far, Loot – Savings box uses an original approach, since at the beginning it asks you for which objective you wish to save (by default it is set “Vacation”). It then asks you for other data, in particular the sum to be obtained.
At the end, it gives you a clear summary with an estimate of how long it will take you to reach your desired goal based on the amount set aside each week or month.

The interface is extremely intuitive, but this does not mean that it renounces (in effect) the graphic aspect, placing itself as a point of reference among all savings applications. A great find.

Best expense management apps on Android

Now follows the list of best expense management apps available on Android smartphone.

Quick Budgets

Quick budget is aComplete expense management application only available for Android devices.

With this application you will find all the useful functions to keep the health of your account under control, with an intuitive “Overview” screen where the monthly balance is available, the balance of the account or accounts added, the expenses of the last week and the total balance held.
You can also add a recurring expense (e.g. mortgage) or debt, or set a personal budget so as not to exceed the predefined threshold.
Finally, the division of icons into categories and subcategories is very useful.

In addition to the free version, Fast Budget offers four paid plans: Pro, Advanced, Premium, and Ultra.
The most complete – Fast Budget Ultra – offers bank synchronization, cloud synchronization for up to 5 devices, web version of the application, all icon packs and graphics.

Expense Manager

Expense Manager is another powerful expense management app available on Android. It differs from most other applications by its professional look and for the advanced tools made available to calculate interest rates, discounts and VAT.

It’s a complete app for everything from adding one or more recurring expenses to planning a specific budget (weekly, monthly, or yearly).
The only flaw, compared to the other applications on the list, is that it is perhaps less intuitive, both in the complete overview and in entering the items of expenses or income.

The free version contains ads but has all the features of the Pro edition, which offers an ad-free experience.


If you want to manage your monthly expenses or set yourself a savings goal for a future purchase, each of the apps listed above is for you.
Except in exceptional cases, or rather for additional features that you can do without, all the best expense management apps are free.

Whether you use an Android device or an iPhone, you will surely find the application that best suits your needs.

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