Track the transfer of users from laptops to tablets

Laptops have long seemed to have entered a clear recession; the situation is, of course, general, but in our country it can get even worse. Already last year, the crisis was palpable, and at that time, we announced the resounding decline in the sector, which was around 19% compared to the previous year.

This crisis was triggered above all by the laptop sector and especially the netbooks or mini laptops, which saw sales decline by up to 53%. A trajectory in free fall which continues, as we learned, thanks to the annual report of the employers of Ametic, recently released, that in 2011, the IT sector is in the doldrums: while PCs lost 31.6 % of their sales, the fall of notebooks reached 36.4%. , and that of mini laptops 28.

In turn, the unstoppable growth of tablet industry, which already recorded a significant increase in sales last year which has now been confirmed with said report. These devices have tripled the figures reached in 2010: while at this stage, two years ago, they managed to invoice more than 166 million euros, in 2011 the results exceeded 470 million, which is the same, 182% more in just 465 days.

Thanks to this impressive rise, the fall of the IT sector in our country has not become a real precipice; despite this, the decrease in billing continues to be significant. Indeed, Ametic alarmed the sector by announcing that the levels recorded in 2007 would have been reached, losing more than two billion euros in turnover compared to 2008, considered the most successful year in the sector. A drop which is due, above all, to the sharp drop in domestic consumption, which is directly linked to the economic crisis that the country is going through.

These data only confirm this trend recorded especially over the past year in which users seemed to opt for a tablet before a laptop. A clear example is its evolution in the market and its representation within the sector. The market share of tablets is already close to that of laptops. According to the aforementioned report, collected by CincoDías, the tablets already represent 30 percent, compared to at 38.3 percent in the market share of laptops.

But perhaps the most worrying data in the sector is the decline in the authorities’ investments in R&D in the information technology sector, as reported by Antonio Cimorra, director of information technology and studies at Ametic; a decrease in investments of 6.6% which will mean a halt in an industry that had experienced growth over the past ten years, which will have an impact, logically, on the country’s presence in the sector today ‘hui immediately.