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While the average user understands its seemingly “magical” development of the Internet, it needs a physical infrastructure to host everything on it. And in order to offer each client a wide range of resources to power their website, the market offers a vast directory of servers according to each need.

Internet infrastructure

Although the ordinary user may think that the Internet is some kind of cog that They interconnect us “by magic” through a cloud, the reality is that its architecture also requires different infrastructures that allow its flow and, above all, its storage.

The Web hosting, in English accommodation and as the name suggests, it is the service that provides said users with data and images, videos and documents to which access is requested via the network. Concretely, a physical space, the servers or host, whose function is to store everything relating to a website.

One of the best known servers is the Vps (Virtual private server or Virtual Private Server), although there are all kinds of typologies ranging from free hosting until cloud hosting Where cloud hosting.

Obviously, the most suitable server for our website will depend on our needs and is subject to certain conditions. Taking an example, while free hosting, with somewhat limited resources, add advertising on web pages to survive, the new free hosting or accommodation by donation they are maintained thanks to the community which manages them, thus allowing the same functions as a paid and free version.

Web hosting

Criteria to be taken into account

Leaving aside some differences between free and paid services, the main thing is to pay attention to that gives us a waiter or another.

The selection criteria can be many and varied, both in terms of forecasting traffic that supports about the location of the Data Processing Center (DPC).

Likewise, we must also take into account the company under which we prefer our server to operate given its specialization. Something very to take into account, because it depends on it how smooth and secure our website will be and, therefore, consisting of a good investment in safety and reliability.

For example, if we are a small or medium business, it is more profitable to hire a service Shared hosting Where accommodation flexible, reducing costs by hosting different clients on the same server, with specialized brands like Webempresa. Unlike, in another case, the virtual private servers mentioned, as they are more recommended for web programming or design companies who are more wary of your information.

And, in a more elaborate case, the Reseller Host Where dealer It would be a good option for users who sell hosting service to third parties.

From disaster prevention to operating system

Another of the criteria that we must take into account when hiring a server is the DPC Security.

On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that the center has both a security system prevent against attacks How can I Recover data in the event of theft or loss.

Likewise, and although it may seem unimportant, we need to confirm that the location where our information is stored is also correct. protected against natural disasters. Because such a disaster could destroy the servers where our data is hosted.

In another case, even the operating system differentiate between the different accommodations. Find from combinations like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP under the acronym of LAMP, or free software and open source systems such as ubuntu.com, a Linux distribution.

In relation to the quality of its services, it is necessary to know the availability of accommodation, although it is impossible to guarantee 100%.

Using as an evaluation formula your average falls per week, month and year, and between a minimum of 90% and 99.99% uptime. Which means either a weekly downtime of 16.8 hours or 1.01 minutes.

Filtering options to the best server

Continuing with other types of web hosting, we may find options in the market such as managed dedicated server, in case we need a dedicated server, but also maintenance and technical support.

A point similar to that of managed and unmanaged accommodation, to be able to choose whether or not we need additional resources in addition to the basic resources. In both cases, and as has been commented, it all depends on the services required by our website.

As well as, where appropriate, we could also ask specific hosting of images or videos or only for the use of company mail.

Finally, one of the perhaps most popular accommodations in recent times is the cloud hosting Where cloud hosting.

A metaphor for new internet technologies that transcends physical space and increases flexibility and possibilities through many servers. This offers the possibility of connecting to any available server simply by having an Internet connection and access.

It’s about identifying the needs of our website and finding the best solution for your accommodation. Yes always analyze what each server offers and assess if this is really what our project or our company needs.

Therefore, nothing better than to rent secure servers with reliable signatures, which respond quickly to our requests for help and that they appreciate irreproachable opinions. Because, after all, the importance of our content also lies in the strength of the server that contains it.