UBC presents the elastic battery that can be washed in the washing machine. It can revolutionize several industries

The increasing digitization of everything around us has given new impetus to research in the field of batteries. Even the electrification of mobility has certainly contributed a lot, but the news of the day does not strictly concern electric cars.

The researchers of the University of British Columbialed by Dr. John Madden, found a way to make a battery flexible and deformable. The new prototype accumulator can be bent in any direction and can even be stretched, just like a piece of rubber.

UBC Battery

The discovery is certainly interesting for the sector of portable devices, which, starting from external gadgets, are increasingly integrated into clothing. And it is precisely in this context that another important feature of the UBC battery fits: raincoat.

To create it, the research team ground up the main composites, zinc oxide and manganese, then incorporated them into a rubbery polymercalled SIBS – poly(styrene isobutylene styrene).Then the layers of brother expansion they have been encased in a casing created from the same polymer, making the whole thing water resistant.

This feature has been tested with the most classic method: washing in the washing machine. The rubbery battery it has retained its characteristics for up to 39 washes, a more than correct result for a prototype. As mentioned, the possible applications are aimed at the clothing sector, but other researchers could also take inspiration from possible uses or modifications of the current chemistry. At this link You can view the full study.