Unable to connect to this network, how to fix it

The fateful message”Unable to connect to this network” is displayed when you try to connect to a wireless network but for some reason the connection fails. This is one of the most common and annoying errors present on Windows 11 and earlier versions.

Unfortunately, this is such a generic message which often makes it very difficult to arrive at a quick solution to the problem.

We will therefore see in this article all the causes and the most common remedies to solve the problem and resume the use of your WiFi network correctly.

Use airplane mode

Airplane mode

This mode is also present on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, if activated it disables all network connections.

The same thing happens on PC and for this reason it is useful for this purpose: by activating the airplane mode for at least 15 seconds, the network cards are disabled. So, when airplane mode is disabled, the connections “restart” without any trace of error and thus solves the problem. »Unable to connect to this network“.

If the problem is not solved, don’t be discouraged and try one of the following quick fixes.

Restart your computer and router

There are countless times when network issues have been fixed with a simple reboot, after hours of failed attempts (and various curses). Based on our experience, we therefore strongly recommend that you restart your PC as well as your routers (keeping it turned off for at least 15 seconds) if the device was available to you.

Often, a simple restart can save you hours of frustration and also fix the “Unable to connect to this network” error.
If that doesn’t work, don’t worry, there are other solutions in the rest of our guide.

The most common cause: the registered password is incorrect

For various reasons, it may happen that the password for accessing a specific WiFi network is changed, but the old one remains stored in Windows. In this case, the system will try to connect using the old password and, of course, the connection will be rejected by the router.

This is one of the most common and widespread errors that can cause the message “Unable to connect to this network”.

The problem is easily solved by making Windows forget the old network password, then in the dialog box that will appear when you connect to the network, you can enter the new one.

Unable to connect to the network

Here are the simple steps in detail to delete saved network connections in Windows:

  • click in the search field next to the button “beginning“and write”Wireless” (without quotes);
  • then press “Wi-Fi Settings” then on the item “Manage Known Networks”;
  • in the window you will have to click on the WiFi network with which you are having access problems and then press the “Cancel storage”;
  • at this point you can go to the Windows bar and press the WiFi antenna icon;
  • a curtain will open with available networks, click on the network you wanted to connect to that was causing problems and re-enter the correct network security key, then proceed to connect to the network.

If the problem was caused by the wrong network key, entering the correct one should now fix it, if not, continue with the other solutions below.

Reinstall wireless adapter drivers

Sometimes it happens that the drivers of the devices are unfortunately outdated or get corrupted leading to malfunctioning of the devices, this can also happen with the wireless network card.

This problem can also cause the error message “Cannot connect to this network”.

In this case, we will have to uninstall the network card drivers currently installed on the operating system and proceed to reinstall the working ones.

Unable to connect device manager

So let’s see how to re-download the drivers and replace them. To do this, all you need to do is:

  • press the key combination “Window+X“;
  • choose item”Device management“;
  • then double-click on “Network adapters” and right-click on the name of the WiFi adapter used and press the item “Uninstall device“.
  • once complete, you can restart your PC and the correct drivers should automatically reinstall.

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Use Automated Network Repair Tool

In the latest versions of Windows, special tools have been integrated capable of automatically solving the most common errors, among these there is one dedicated to network problems that could represent our salvation.

To use it, all you have to do is:

  • press the key combination “Window+X» and click on «Settings“;
  • in the “System” section, choose the item “Repair“;
  • then, click on the item “Other troubleshooting tools“;
  • in the list that will appear, find the item “Internet connections” and click “Course“;

Troubleshooting tools

After a short treatment, the Windows tool should fix the problem.
It may also be helpful to run the troubleshooter by following the same steps as above, but running it for the “Network card“.