Unbridled Krafton: PUBG developer sues Apple, Google and the team behind Free Fire

The developer of PUBG: Battlegrounds, Krafton, has filed a major lawsuit against a competing software company, accusing it of copying its Battle Royale shooter into two different titles. At the same time as the fact, Krafton also sued Apple and Google for the distribution of the two video games in their mobile application stores.

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According to the developer, Google is also responsible for having hosted several videos on YouTube with the gameplay of the two titles in question, as well as “numerous messages containing a Chinese feature film which is nothing more than a live dramatization of Battlegrounds”. in flagrant violation”. The offending video games are Free fire And Free maximum firewhich are distributed by Garenaboth free with in-app purchases.

Maxi complaint of Krafton against Garena, Apple and Google

There are many similar elements between Garena’s two titles and Krafton’s Triple A, such as the “air drop” function at the start of each game, as well as the structure and rules of the game. Weapons and various accessories that can be collected on the map, locations, as well as “chromatic choices, materials and textures” are also very similar between games. By copying Krafton’s title, Garena reportedly earned “hundreds of millions of dollars” (according to TheVergewhich obtained data from Sensor Tower, Free Fire players spent more than $1 billion on in-app purchases), according to the complaint, as well as Apple and Google “earned the same by distributing Free Fire” .

Krafton tried to reach an agreement with Garena from December 21, unsuccessfully asking the contestant to suspend distribution of the two video games. He then turned to Apple and Google, but it seems that even the two giants of the technological world did not listen to the requests of the developer since the two Garena video games are still downloadable from the corresponding stores. Finally, Krafton also reached out to YouTube to remove Free Fire and Free Fire Max gameplay videos, but even then he didn’t get what he asked for. According to Seathe parent company of Garena who contacted the source, “Krafton’s allegations are baseless”.

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