Uncharted: the definitive trailer for the film starring Tom Holland is out on February 17

It’s a golden age for fans of Unexplored: after reuniting with Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer with the Legacy of Thieves collection, players are preparing to invade Italian cinemas for the first cinematic adaptation of the franchise The naughty dog. The movie you see Tom Holland playing the role of the most popular treasure hunter in video games will arrive in Italy on February 17. Waiting for, Sony Pictures releases a spectacular new trailer.

A young Nathan Drake in action in the Uncharted trailer

Based on the video game saga of the same name that began in 2007 with Drake’s Fortune, Unexplored is the first feature film devoted to the adventures of Nathan Drake, presented here in a younger, inexperienced version. The prequel film chronicles Nate and Sully’s thrilling journey in search of Magellan’s lost gold. “In an epic action-packed adventure that spans the globe, the two protagonists embark on a perilous search for the ‘greatest treasure yet to be found’, searching for clues that could lead them to the lost brother a long time from Nathan.”.

In the first trailer, we were shown the Nathan Drake of Tom Holland and the Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivans Mark Wahlberg – actor who was originally cast as Nate.

In the new footage, we go over some of the scenes seen in the previous teaser, like the spectacular sequence taking place on the cargo plane, a clear reference to one of Uncharted 3’s most memorable missions: Drake’s Deception ( 2011). Here we see another promising scene: an aerial chase in which Nathan jumps from one pirate ship to another confronting the mercenaries of Moncada, the antagonist of the film played by Antonio Banderas. Recall that the character of Chloe Frazer (Sophia Taylor Ali) will also appear in the film.

uncharted chloe frazer nathan drake

One day before the US release, Uncharted will debut in Italian cinemas on February 17, 2022. The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer, director of Zombieland (2009) and Venom (2018); distribution is entrusted to Sony Pictures Italia.